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Division of Career Education

ASU-Beebe is a leading post-secondary technical education provider offering career-focused programs of study on all four campuses. These programs emphasize skills and knowledge that are applied to pursuing employment opportunities. These programs blend traditional academic content with applied learning concepts and devote significant time to practical study in a lab environment. Advisory commitees comprised of representatives from local business and employers help ASU-Beebe instructors periodically access and update curricula, equipment and laboratory design to achieve the optimal student-learning environment. 
The Department of Agriculture offers a technical certificate and an Associate of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in agricultural business, education, animal science or plant science. Students will learn hands-on working in the plant and soil science labs and the on-site farm, giving graduates the necessary abilities to fill high demand positions in agriculture-related businesses and industries. After completion, the earned degree can be transferred to a four-year university, where students can move on to complete a bachelor's degree. For students wishing to stay in the area, ASU-Beebe offers classes to complete a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business through the A-State University Center here on campus. 
The Agriculture Equipment Technology/John Deere program is designed to develop students as John Deere service technicians. The curriculum is design by John Deere and ASU-Beebe to focus on the entire line of John Deere products. The goal is to provide students with experience in hydraulics, electrical systems, engines, power trains, air conditioning, machine adjustments, service advisors and the entire service system.
Automotive Technology focuses on training students to perform as highly skilled and respected technicians in a career field with reliable job opportunities. Students will obtain formal automotive knowledge in the maintenance and repair of automobiles and light trucks through training in the classroom and hands-on in the shop. The shop is set up to mimic the workplace and expose students to work ethic, skills, technology and vehicles of all makes and models that will be encountered in the workforce. The Automotive Technology program meets the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) standards of quality for the training of automobile technicians and is accredited by the ASE Education Foundation. ASU-Beebe offers an associate's degree, a technical certificate and a certificate of proficiency in this program. 
The Department of Business offers an associate's degree with several areas of study for students interested in pursuing a business degree. Academic advisors can provide assistance in selecting courses which apply toward a bachelor’s degree in accounting, administrative services, business education, business administration, economics, finance, management, marketing or other business-related areas. ASU-Beebe also offers business technology programs that specialize in computer applications, management and medical records/health information. 
The Department of Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) offers a two-year associate's degree. A technical certificate in mechanical drafting and a certificate of proficiency in 2D computer-aided drafting & design are available for those students who desire preparation for more immediate entry into the workforce. Program graduates learn to use sophisticated software modeling and drawing applications, and work in the field along side of architects, engineers and scientists in a wide variety of industries.
The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program offers a two-year associate's degree, as well as a technical certificate. CIS graduates implement technological systems in businesses for strong, transformative and quality information to optimize a company's performance.
The Computer Systems & Networking Technology (CSNT) program provides basic networking skills, cybersecurity knowledge, server setup, Linux operation and virtualization experience. Students who complete this degree will be prepared to sit for nationally recognized certification exams such as the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security +, CompTIA Network +, and PC Pro. ASU-Beebe offers an associate's degree and a technical certificate for this program. 
Computerized Machining Technology students become skilled at working with computer numerical control (CNC) machine technologies, making tools, dies, molds and other objects using 3D printing high-tech lathes or milling equipment. The Computerized Machining Technology program is located on the Searcy campus and offers a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency, as well as a two-year Associate of Applied Science in Computerized Machining Technology.
The Department of Criminal Justice offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Criminal Justice and a two-year Associate of Science (AS) in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in four different areas: law enforcement, public safety, crime scene investigation and wildlife enforcement. Technical certificates and certificates of proficiency are also available in the four areas of emphasis. In cooperation with the Criminal Justice Institute, an Associate of Applied Science in Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement Administration is also offered for licensed law enforcement officers.
Students enrolled in the Diesel Technology program are prepared to become part of the thriving field that powers heavy duty trucks, buses, tractors and other industry equipment. Diesel mechanics can often expect higher wages than the gasoline counterparts. Students are trained in the repairing and maintenance of heavy equipment that includes farm equipment, industrial equipment and heavy trucks. Whether the technician works for a transport company, bus line or is self-employed, the Diesel Technology program at ASU-Beebe can help prepare the student for the field. The Diesel Technology program is offered on the Searcy campus and offers a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency, as well as an Associate of Applied Science in General Technology.
HVACR focuses on training students in the installation and servicing of central heat and air conditioning systems and a variety of refrigeration equipment. Students learn the skills needed to excel in the technological field of air conditioning as an HVACR technician. The student can use the knowledge gained in this program to pursue a reliable and satisfying job in the field. With air quality and temperature control being essential to our health and modern lifestyles, it is easy to understand why graduates of HVACR programs often have careers with long-term stability. In this HVACR training program, students learn to trouble shoot and service many types of systems. Our HVACR program is located on the Searcy campus and offers a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency as well as an Associate of Applied Science in General Technology.
The Industrial Technology program prepares students to obtain marketable and technical skills in a variety of areas. This program provides training in a wide variety of skills that will give students a foundation that can lead to careers in the industry or maintenance of commercial and residential complexes. Examples of the areas covered include machining, pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity, drafting, quality control, hand tools, mechanical power and welding. The Industrial Technology program is located on the Searcy campus and offers a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency, as well as a option for an Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology.
The Marine Technology program prepares and trains students to become marine technicians who are well-versed in all aspects of marine technology.  Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and skills in the areas of in-board and out-board engine maintenance, marine electronics, boat hulls, rigging and marina operations. ASU-Beebe offers a technical certificate and certificate of proficiency for this program.
The Power Sports Technology program is designed to train students to repair vehicles such as outboards, motorcycles, ATVs and outdoor power equipment. With training in this technology, students get the chance to expand their abilities as a hands-on problem solver. Skills and knowledge gained through this program can lead to a greater feeling of independence, personal satisfaction and financial benefits of this growing career field. A growing interest in ATVs, outboards and motorcycles has resulted in an increased demand for professionals who can repair, maintain and service these power sports vehicles. The Power Sports Technology program is located on the Searcy campus and offers a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency. 
The Welding Technology program prepares students to work in a wide range of areas, such as ship building, aerospace technology, automobile manufacturing or working on the pipeline. Welding is also used to connect beams and structures in buildings, bridges and much more. With over 100 types of welding methods available, the Welding Technology program will introduce students to the most commonly used methods such as arc welding, TIG, MIG, soldering and brazing by a certified welding inspector. Students will be introduced to various techniques such as flat, horizontal, overhead and vertical welding. The coursework will also teach the difference between manual, semi-automated and automated welding. Students can earn a certification in welding through the American Welding Society (AWS) and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The Welding Technology Program is located on the Searcy and Heber Springs campuses and offer a one-year technical certificate and certificate of proficiency, as well as a two-year option for an Associate of Applied Science in General Technology or an Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology.
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