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Student Leadership
Being part of Vanguard means "leading the charge" in all we do. At ASU-Beebe, we believe everyone can lead. Whether in the classroom, across campus, or in their community, we are dedicated to providing engaging opportunities for students to grow as leaders through intentional experiences.

The Office of Student Life is proud to provide a variety of formats for students to participate in developing the leader within. Whether participating in a peer group setting, finding real-work leadership opportunities on campus, or attending one of our many workshops, there is room for everyone to develop leadership skills while attending ASU-Beebe. Student Life's leadership programs are strategically designed around its "Lead the Charge Framework," supporting the learning outcomes outlined in Student Life's ARCH Campus Life Curriculum.

In return for service on-campus, students who participate in the college's various leadership programs (SGA, SLE, or Leadership Scholars) qualify for scholarships, free one-on-one leadership training, invitations to attend regional and national conferences, and the eligibility to join our leadership field experiences to places like Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN, New York City, NY, and Washington, DC.

    For leaders to understand themselves, they must discover the diverse world around them. ASU-Beebe provides unique opportunities for students to travel beyond campus to national/regional conferences and leadership field experiences across the state/country. As part of its co-curriculum, the Office of Student Life encourages students to participate in at least four diversity & inclusion programs or leadership trips while at ASU-Beebe.

    Designed for first-year students, leadership mentors will walk student groups through assessing their strengths and developing a personal leadership plan while growing into campus leaders and preparing to lead others after college. The Office of Student Life offers six (6) advanced leadership seminars and hands-on leadership training on campus.


    Emerging Leaders Workshops Topics:

    • Ethical Decision-Making: When ethical dilemmas arise, we naturally react too quickly to resolve the issue or pretend we didn’t notice. A necessary component of leadership is the ability to make tough decisions for the greater good of the group by engaging in a process that includes intentional reflection before action. In this session, we will focus on the importance of ethical decision-making and the impact these decisions have on providing effective leadership. Student leaders will learn to apply practical tools to handle moral dilemmas without a straightforward answer.
    • Strategic Communication: Every team or organization needs a strong vision and mission statement to set the foundation and tone for shared goals. Through this session, learn how to develop a vision and mission statement that connects to shared goals and establish a strategic communication plan that will allow your organization to grow stronger internally and communicate your purpose externally.
    • Team Development: Learn how to make the most of teamwork. We’ll help you discover how to capitalize on the strengths of your teammates and how to motivate groups around a shared sense of ownership and mission. We’ll explore typical phases of team development and how to prepare for each and keep your team moving forward.
    • Leading in a Diverse Environment: Incorporating components of the Relational Leadership Model, this session will help participants explore their privilege and how privilege and power affect the leadership process. Participants will undergo self-assessment and engage in dialogue with one another about the elements of privilege, power, cultural competence, inclusion, and social justice. Students will explore how these concepts can be positively applied to their leadership journey.
    • Understanding & Facilitating Change: In this session, students will learn the skills and practices necessary to adapt to organizational change and navigate the complex process to facilitate change. Students will learn the process of the change curve and understand the principles of Kotter’s Change Model.
    • Personal Leadership Philosophy: In this session, you will culminate your experience by creating your leadership philosophy. A leadership philosophy is a product of discerning your core values, turning those values into operating principles and integrating those principles into a coherent statement of how you intend to lead in life.
    Hosted two weeks before fall classes start, the First-Year Student Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity for students to be connected and engaged before day one. This all-day event will introduce students to leadership and engagement opportunities at ASU-Beebe. The day will include small-group discussions, an assessment of personal leadership inventories, plenary sessions on diversity and SLE expectations and brainstorming for fall campus activities. After the formal program, there will be an optional opportunity for student leaders to participate in campus-wide marketing photos and filming of a student life video project.
    The Leadership Library is a unique catalog of books available for check-out from the Abington Library. Students are encouraged to read these books at their own pace and complete an associated reflection assignment with the Office of Student Life.
    The Leadership Library was made possible with funds supplied by the Vanguard Mini-Grant Program through a gracious donation by our friend, Cathy Eoff.
    The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the official student voice on campus. The SGA's mission is to represent student interests and improve campus life by planning student activities, continuing campus traditions and supporting student organizations. If you want to make a lasting impact on campus, join the campus student government by volunteering on a committee, applying to be a student senator or running for office in campus elections.
    Leadership scholars receive a scholarship for $1,050 a year ($750 per semester) that can be applied to any cost to attendance at ASU-Beebe, including tuition, fees, books, housing, and meal plans. Each year, ASU-Beebe selects 24 students to serve as ambassadors for the college. They are provided one-on-one leadership training, given opportunities to practice community and college service and serve as NSO and SLE group leaders.
    Leadership training experiences include attendance at national and regional conferences, opportunities to have hands-on campus leadership roles and eligibility to join our leadership field experiences across the country. In past years, students traveled to Memphis, Tennesee, to learn about civil rights by visiting the National Civil Rights Museum. They also participated in a student leadership development day at the Arkansas State Capitol, listened to a lecture by former First Lady Laura Bush and traveled to Washington, DC, where they attended a private dinner with U.S. Senator John Boozman, who gave them a private tour of the capitol. These are just a few examples of the incredible opportunities afforded to our leadership scholars.
    Student organizations are instrumental to vibrant campus life and some of the more engaging opportunities to participate in "on-the-job" leadership training while attending college. SLE students are encouraged to join or start a campus club of their interest and become involved leaders for their peers as officers or active members.
    Resident assistants (RAs) are student staff members who live in the residence halls. RAs receive free housing and a meal plan in exchange for their work in the halls. They help support students' academic success, social development and personal growth by creating programs and experiences within a diverse community of residents involving students, faculty and staff.
    ASU-Beebe believes that exemplary leadership is centered on serving others. ASU-Beebe encourages students to be active examples of servant leadership on campus and in their communities. Service often starts in our backyards, supporting our campus and community through volunteering. We encourage our faculty, staff and students to make volunteering a regular part of their life by reaching out and lending a helping hand through various community service projects and ongoing volunteerism.
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