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Student Success Council
To evidence the transformation in student lives, ASU-Beebe must ensure that student learning takes place as intended. The Student Success Council oversees assessment activities at the course, degree  and institutional levels.  Assessment at these levels supports student learning experiences by ensuring that quality services and products compliment the transformation of student lives.

The Assessment Handbook guides the work and provides the framework of Assessment while the 2020-2022 Assessment Plan provides specific details. 

Student Success Outcomes

  • Support and Engagement 
  • Goal Completion
  • Communication
  • Society and Self 
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking

Assessment Cycle

Even-Numbered Academic Years
  • Conduct course/program assessments during either fall or spring semesters  
  • Analyze course/program data and develop action plans  
  • Co-curricular areas submit assessment data, action plans and assessment plans  
Odd-Numbered Academic Years
  • Assess the College’s performance with a nationally-normed instrument  
  • Implement course/program action plans  
  • Co-curricular areas submit assessment data, action plans and assessment plans

*The fall semester determines whether a year is odd or even.
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Important Info

The 2018-2023 ASU-Beebe Strategic Plan is grounded within the mission and vision of ASU-Beebe. The mission and vision statements carry the responsibility, traditions, and forward-thinking exemplified by all who are associated with the institution.  Supported by our Core Values, ASU-Beebe continues to be the avenue of upward mobility and realization of human potential for so many in Central Arkansas and beyond. 

Contact Info

Korey Davis | Co-Chair
Joshua Bell | Co-Chair
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