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Computer Aided Drafting and Design
AAS = Associate of Applied Science

Computer Aided Drafting and Design AAS = Associate of Applied Science
Embark on a journey of precision and technical innovation with our Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Associate of Applied Science degree! Immerse yourself in the dynamic world where precision meets technical excellence, transforming ideas into functional design drawings. Our rigorous program empowers you with cutting-edge technology, whether your ambitions lie in architectural projects, intricate mechanical systems or advanced product designs. Join us on this thrilling career path, where you'll contribute to shaping the future alongside engineers and architects. Dare to dream, design and excel with our CADD program!

Program Outcomes

  • Qualifiy for gainful employment as a computer-aided drafting/design technician at the entry level. 
  • Gain the necessary level of technical skills to enter the workforce as a productive entry-level CADD technician.
  • Demonstrate proficient technical and software skills by obtaining third party certification. 
  • Students are introduced to the basics of 3D part and assembly modeling.
  • Students use geographic information systems to analyze, present and solve spatial problems. 
  • Students gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals of 2D drafting using AutoCAD. 

Related Careers

  • Architectural, civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical drafting


Kendall Casey | Master CADD Instructor
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