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Strategic Plan
Stabilize | Invest | Grow | Connect

Strategic Plan Stabilize | Invest | Grow | Connect

ASU-Beebe Strategic Plan in Hand

The purpose of the institution is captured in its mission, vision and core values. The ASU-Beebe students, faculty, staff and stakeholders developed this strategic plan with great care, energy and imagination. Unanimously approved by the Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees, this plan will guide the institution to new heights.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our mission and vision statements carry with them the responsibility, traditions and forward-thinking exemplified by all associated with the institution. Supported by our core values, we continue to be the avenue of upward mobility and realization of human potential for so many in Central Arkansas and beyond.

Mission: Transforming lives through quality learning experiences.
Vision: ASU-Beebe will become a nationally benchmarked institution that empowers individuals, embraces communities, and transforms lives.
Core Values: Student success, integrity, diversity, quality and community.

Foundational Assumptions

Emphasize One-College Approach: The strategic plan assumes that the college operates as one college with multiple locations, programs and services. The common application of policy, practice and procedures will guide the college as the strategic plan is implemented. While each campus and location is unique and serves different populations, the priority must always be an institution-wide focus on "What is best for ASU-Beebe as a whole?" The college will emphasize providing a consistent, quality educational experience across all locations, programs and services.

Continuously Evaluate for Efficiency: The strategic plan assumes that the college strives to increase operational efficiencies and continuously seeks methods to reduce costs. This includes seeking new funding sources, as well as exploring innovative technologies. 

Embrace Data-Informed Decision Making: The strategic plan assumes that the college embraces data-informed decision-making. The college will seek to answer "How does this advance student success?" at every turn. The college will provide the necessary support to institutional research to ensure the data on which all decisions are based is sound.

Timely and Effective Communication: The strategic plan assumes that the college will communicate the information necessary to cultivate active support around the goals and strategies in the plan. These communications will involve all employees, and will be open and transparent.

Strategic Goals

Strong From The Start: Arkansas State University-Beebe is committed to providing students and employees the resources and support they require to be successful. From applicant through graduate, the college will seek to ensure students have the information and support services they need to make informed decisions about their educational endeavors. Likewise, the college will provide employees with the onboarding, mentoring and professional development opportunities necessary to fulfill their responsibilities to the students they serve.

Policies, Practices and Procedures to Be One College (P32B1): 
While recognizing and valuing the uniqueness and strengths of individual campuses, Arkansas State University-Beebe is committed to a one-college approach to serving students. As such, the college will leverage our collective strengths to focus on the consistent application of policy, practice and procedures across all locations, programs and services to ensure overall student success. 

SUBeConnected: Arkansas State University-Beebe is committed to having a positive impact on the quality of life outside the classroom, to ensuring that students are prepared to enter and compete in an economy that is increasingly global and competitive, to embracing a culture of collegiality where employees are accountable for their behavior and job performance, to being an active participant in our communities by participating in community events and hosting events on campus that draw community members to us, and providing the training that our workforce and industry partners need.

Strategic Priorities

Arkansas State University-Beebe follows these strategic priorities: stabilizing and growing enrollment, investing in its employees, growing its endowment and other resources, and strategically connecting with its communities.

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