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A-State University Center

Through a partnership between A-State and ASU-Beebe, students may earn baccalaureate degrees from Arkansas State University by taking coursework traditionally at the University Center on the ASU-Beebe campus, Dual-Delivery Hybrid, or A-State Online.

Traditional Classes Offered at the A-State University Center at ASU-Beebe

Arkansas State University offers a unique opportunity for students who want or need to continue their education a little closer to home. A-State offers bachelor's level degree programs. Students interested will need to be admitted through the Arkansas State University- Jonesboro's Office of Admissions. A representative in the A-State University Center can assist students with information about admissions, advising and registration. In addition to providing a high-quality education for our students through expert classroom instruction and friendly instructors, we aim to bring a sense of ease and caring support. From the moment you decide to transfer to A-State through graduation. We hope you will consider making A-State your university of choice to complete your degree. 

Dual-Delivery Hybrid Programs

The Hybrid program provides a unique experience that gives students a flexible way to achieve a bachelor's degree without leaving their homes. The hybrid program is for students who have graduated from any accredited Arkansas two-year or four-year college and received their associate's degree. The program will be a mix of asynchronous and synchronous online classes. Synchronous versus asynchronous classes: Synchronous online classes happen in real-time. Students will be required to meet virtually at a specific date and time for synchronous classes. Asynchronous classes are outlined and prerecorded. Students will be able to attend these classes on their schedule.

A-State Online

Convenient. Affordable. Valuable. Arkansas State online allows you to achieve your educational goals on your schedule. One of the oldest online degree programs in Arkansas, the degrees you earn through A-State Online are identical to those earned by the more than 75,000 alums of Arkansas State University. Since 2008, students from any background could seek an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or certificate program online. With A-State Online, students can choose from over 35 programs to start and finish at their own pace. An A-State Online education can be customized to fit any student's needs.

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