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Placement Testing & Testing Center
Assessing Student Knowledge and Success

Placement Testing & Testing Center Assessing Student Knowledge and Success
Our mission is to provide a testing environment that is professional, secure, quiet and controlled for students, graduates, professionals and members of the community, as they pursue their educational and professional goals. Our testing services target admissions, certifications, evaluations, ADA/special needs, distance learning and make-up tests. We also provide testing for students of other institutions, those who need a license or certification or any other testing needed by a member of the ASU-Beebe community.

Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) operates a National Testing Center for active duty, veterans, students and civilians. LRAFB is a Top 20 Military College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Center. Our sites provide CLEP & Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). In addition, the National Testing Center also offers college test proctoring services and Accuplacer testing.

We subscribe to the National College Testing Association's Professional Standards and Guidelines for post-secondary test centers.

Testing Appointments

Testing is by appointment only. Please read the testing center policies before scheduling. 

Placement Test Score Guide

This guide shows the ASU-Beebe course placement based on ACT, ASSET, Accuplacer and SAT scores.

Tests Offered

Testing Services offers an array of testing opportunities for students. Learn more below about the tests offered.
Students with accommodations approved through Disability Services may arrange to take course examinations, tests and quizzes in a reduced distraction environment or with the use of assistive technology. 

Examples of testing accommodations include: 

  • Tests read-aloud by a computer or a proctor.
  • Tests printed with large print font or magnified on a computer.
  • Tests printed on colored paper.
  • Tests with reduced distraction or extra time.

ASU-Beebe offers accommodations on every test given. You will need to allow 24 hours from registering to take the test for your instructor and the Testing Center to communicate about passwords or testing materials to assist you in your test with accommodations. 

On test day, please bring a government-issued photo ID. 

For more information, call 501.882.8812 or email

What is the Next Generation Accuplacer exam? 
The Accuplacer exam is a computerized test that evaluates students' reading, math and English skills to place them in the appropriate college courses by assessing their skills and knowledge. 

What is on the test and how long is it?

While the test is not timed, it is recommended to set aside at least one and a half to two hours if you are taking the whole thing. There are three sections: 

  • Reading | 20 multiple-choice reading comprehension questions.
  • WritePlacer | 300 to 600 word essay related to the given topic. OR Writing | 20 multiple-choice grammar-related questions.*
  • Quantitive Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS) | 20 multiple-choice algebra questions.
*Students can take either the Writing or WritePlacer portion. If they receive a low score on one, they are then able to take the other portion to see if they are eligible to "place out" of remedial courses. When signing up for the Accuplacer, students are able to sign up for both sections, although if their score is high enough, they do not need both. While many schools only accept the writing portion, ASU-Beebe has chosen to accept both.

How much does the test cost? 
The Accuplacer test costs $15 whether the examinee takes one or all subjects. 

Where do I pay for the test? 
Beebe Campus | Vanguard One Stop in the McKay Student Center.
Heber Springs Campus | Business Office on the first floor of the Student Services/Administration building.
Little Rock Air Force Base | Room 115 in the University Center.
Searcy Campus | Student Services in the Main Building. 

Please pay prior to testing and take your receipt to the Testing Center as proof of payment. The Cashier’s/Business offices accept payment in the form of a check, money order, debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card) or cash. Please note that LRAFB does not accept cash.

When is the exam offered? 
The Accuplacer is offered at different times for each campus.  

How can I register for this exam? 

Click on a registration link above to schedule a test. If you are having issues online, please call the campus you are wishing to test at for assistance in scheduling your next exam.   

How can I prepare for this exam? 

Test prep information can be found at: 

Can I use a calculator? 
You cannot use a hand-held calculator, though there is one on-screen to use during the math portion of the test.

What should I bring on the day of the test? 
You must bring the receipt from the Cashier’s Office and a valid photo ID. 

When will I receive my scores? 

You may print your results as soon as you complete the exam. You may also look up your score at the Accuplacer Score Report.

What is the retest policy? 
You can retest the next available testing day to repeat any section of the Accuplacer exam. You can take the Accuplacer test up to three times within 30 days. 

What do I need to do after the test?
After completing your Accuplacer Placement exam, please visit with an academic advisor in one of our Advising and Learning Centers.

Schedule an Accuplacer Exam
ASU-Beebe Testing Center offers test proctoring for part-time adjunct faculty on the Beebe campus only to students who miss a classroom exam due to a university-excused absence. No scoring or item analysis is available with this service.  

Student Responsibilities 
The student will need to schedule their exam time by coordinating with their instructor and the Testing Coordinator. You will need to wait 24 hours after scheduling your make-up test to take it in order to allow time for your instructor to communicate with the Testing Center about testing materials. 

Students who need accommodations for testing due to a professionally diagnosed and documented disability, must contact Disability Services.

Faculty Responsibilities  
Part-time adjunct faculty or their designee(s) are responsible for transportation and submission of test materials to the Testing Center either in-person, by email or via campus mail. 

A photo ID will be required prior to releasing any exam to an instructor-authorized individual picking up testing materials. Examinees will not be allowed to deliver or remove testing materials from the Testing Center. 

Instructors or their designee(s) may pick up completed exams or have them returned via email or campus mail. Testing Center staff will not be responsible for damage, loss or stolen exams returned through campus mail. 

Schedule a Classroom Makeup Exam
What is CLEP? 
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is an exam that gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on an exam. College Board - CLEP

Can I take the CLEP test remotely, from home?
Yes, if you are at least 13 years old, you may register to take the CLEP test from home. Please go here to learn more about registering and taking the CLEP test remotely, from home.

Why take a CLEP test?
If you believe you already know enough about a subject without having to take a college course on it, you can take a CLEP test on that subject, and if you meet the required score for that subject, ASU-Beebe will award you the credit hours for that course. 

Who is eligible to take the CLEP? 
Anyone with acquired knowledge through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits or internships may take the CLEP.  

How much does the exam cost? 
Effective, July 1, 2024, the CLEP test will be $95.

The non-refundable CLEP fee is $93 per exam. This fee is paid when registering for CLEP online through the College Board.  

For non-ASU-Beebe students, a $25 non-refundable proctoring fee must be paid in addition to the $93 exam fee on the testing day before the exam will be administered.

How do I pay the proctoring fee?
Beebe Campus | Vanguard One Stop in the McKay Student Center. | Bring paid receipt to the Testing Center.
Little Rock Air Force Base Campus (LRAFB) | University Center in Suite 115.

When is the exam offered? 
Multiple testing opportunities are available daily, Monday through Friday. Examinees should call the Testing Center to inquire about testing procedures and schedule a time to take the test. To take a CLEP at ASU-Beebe, you will need to schedule at least 24 hours in advance of the test date. 

Beebe Campus | 501.882.8812
LRAFB Campus | 501.988.4151 

How can I register for the exam? 
Examinees must complete a CLEP registration ticket. Please contact the testing staff at least one day prior to the desired testing date.  

What time should I arrive at the testing location? 
Examinees should arrive at least 15 minutes early for the exam.  

Beebe Campus | Owen Center in Room 146.
LRAFB Campus | University Center in Suite 115.

What is the CLEP Test Center Code for ASU-Beebe? 
The Beebe campus code is 6026. The LRAFB campus code is 1445.

Can I transfer my CLEP credits to another school?  
Each school has its own policies regarding CLEP credit. You must contact the receiving institution's Registrar's Office or Testing Center for that information.  

How can I prepare for this exam? 
Test prep information may be found at CLEP - College Board. Students with access to the Little Rock Air Force Base library may check out free study materials.  

How long is the exam? 
The CLEP exam takes 90 minutes. The Composition CLEP is 120 minutes. 

What should I bring on the day of the test? 
Bring one current form of ID that includes your photograph and signature, a printed and valid registration ticket, and the 25 dollar administration fee receipt if applicable. 

Make sure the name on your ID matches exactly the name on your registration ticket and the administration fee receipt. For a list of acceptable forms of identification, refer to CLEP - College Board.  

Can I use a calculator? 
Calculators are not allowed in the exam. Paper and pencils are provided upon request.  

When will I receive my scores? 
It takes approximately two to three weeks for your score to get to your institution. However, you will receive a score report from the test administrator after you complete your exam. If an examinee took English Composition with Essay, the combined score would be mailed after the essay is scored, usually two to three weeks after the test date.  

What is the retest policy? 
A CLEP with the same title may not be retaken within 3 months. 
What are correspondence exams? 
Correspondence exams are tests administered to non-ASU-Beebe students who require proctoring from an authorized institutional locale. This includes students who do not wish to travel or cannot travel the distance to their respective college or university to take their tests. 

How much does the exam cost?
A $25 non-refundable administration fee is charged for each exam. 

Where do I pay the registration fee? 
Payment can be made at the Cashier's/Business Offices at each of our campus locations before the exam is administered.  

Which campus offers correspondence tests? 
Correspondence tests may be taken at any campus location.   

When are the exams offered? 
Please contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment to take an exam. You will need to allow 24 hours from registering to taking the test to allow time for your instructor and the Testing Center to communicate about testing materials. 

How can I register for an exam? 
It is the responsibility of the examinee to supply the Testing Center with all the necessary information for correspondence testing and ensure all testing materials are received by the Testing Coordinator before a test can be administered.  

What should I bring on the day of the test? 
$25 administration fee receipt.
A current government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport.

Schedule Correspondence Testing
What is the DSST exam? 
The Dantes Subject Standardized Test is a credit-by-exam testing program. DSST is designed to measure and evaluate an individual’s knowledge of a particular subject. The program has made over 30 test titles available to candidates to receive course credit by simply obtaining a passing score for the exam. 

How much does the exam cost? 
  • Military personnel receive one free exam per test title. If the test is not passed and the candidate wishes to retest, the test and administration fee will apply. Bring paid receipt from the ASU-Beebe Business Office to test site on the day of the exam. 
  • Non-military personnel pay the following amounts on the day of the exam: 
  • $100 per test with a credit card only (VISA, Mastercard or American Express). 
  • The test fee is paid at the candidate’s testing station before beginning the test. 
  • $25 non-refundable administration fee (debit card, credit card, check or money order payable to ASU-Beebe).
  • Individuals cannot pay for the exam before the day of the test. 
Which campus offers this exam? 
This exam is only offered on the Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) campus. 

How can I register for this exam? 
Advanced registration is required. Registration for this exam is paper-based and specific to the LRAFB campus. Students must register for the test at the LRAFB campus no later than 5 p.m. the day prior to testing. 

When will I receive my scores? 
Candidates are able to view their scores immediately after the completion of the test. The candidate will then be able to print their scores. Additionally, the candidate can view their scores after completion by logging onto Prometric TC Net. The public speaking exam is the only DSST exam that cannot be viewed by logging into the candidate's account. 

DSST results are not automatically sent to an institution or the community college of the Air Force. For DSST examination results to be sent to another school, the candidate must know the school’s 4-digit institutional code. The candidate will additionally enter a test center code, located below. 

The ASU-Beebe LRAFB Test Center code is 7125.

What about DSST transcripts or official score reports? 
These reports are mailed to the candidate’s designated institution within seven to ten business days. Candidates may not receive an official score report if the candidate has previously taken the test and has not paid the testing and administration fee. DSST currently does not prevent DANTES-funded candidates from completing a test without payment. 

What is the retest policy for DSST testing? 
Candidates must wait 30 days from the last testing date before retesting on the same exam title. Candidates who test on the same exam title within 30 days will receive an invalis score report.
What is the ASSET exam? 
ASSET is a 30-question, 12-minute mechanical skills assessment test administered in paper and pencil format.

Who is eligible to take ASSET? 
This assessment is only utilized for specific ASU-Beebe degree programs, such as the Agricultural Technology/John Deere program. 

How much does the exam cost? 
Currently, there is no fee for this exam. 

Which campus offers this exam? 
This test is offered only on the Beebe campus. 

When is the exam offered? 
The exam is offered on an as-needed basis. 

How can I register for this exam? 
Contact the Testing Center at 501.882.8812

When will I receive my scores? 
You will receive your scores upon completion of your test.

What should I bring on the day of the test? 
You must bring a current government-issued photo ID. 

What happens after I take the test?
Upon completion of the test, the scantron is scored. A letter is written for the student with their score and copies are given to the department head of the John Deere program and to the John Deere dealer who sponsors the student. 

What is Pearson MyLab? 
Pearson MyLab is an online platform used in many of our math courses.    

How much does the exam cost? 
There is no fee for taking this test. Please have your current photo ID with you when you arrive to test.

How to schedule an appointment? 
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Beebe Campus Testing Center

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Heber Springs Campus Testing Center

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Student Services/Admin. | Room 117


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Little Rock Air Force Base Testing Center

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Searcy Campus Testing Center

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