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Computer Systems & Networking Technology
AAS = Associate of Applied Science
TC = Technical Certificate
CP = Certificate of Proficiency

Computer Systems & Networking Technology AAS = Associate of Applied Science<br>TC = Technical Certificate<br>CP = Certificate of Proficiency
Computer systems and networking technology is a hands-on approach to teaching PC/networking and computer hardware/software.  Emphasis is not only placed on the hardware skills of computer systems but also on the soft skills, including written and verbal communication, that businesses and industries demand of their employees. 

Program Outcomes

  • Competency level in hardware and cabling: The student will achieve a passing level of competency in computer hardware and network cabling principles as applied to computer systems and networking technology. The student will require a high level of critical thinking while troubleshooting problems when working with computer hardware that lacks compatibility with other components and when troubleshooting network cabling issues that may occur when electrical interference is encountered on the network. 
  • Competency level in networking: The student will achieve competency in the principles of networking, operating systems and router configurations as it applies to computer systems technology. The student must demonstrate critical thinking skills by properly troubleshooting networking problem issues, operating system errors and router configuration errors that may occur when a device is placed within an existing network.  
  • Employment qualifications: The student will be qualified for gainful employment as a computer systems technician at the entry level. To accomplish this task, the student must have the communication skills to listen for comprehension to restate, explain, infer and interpret the information they will receive from coworkers. Through this communication process, the student must be able to identify or define any potential problems/tasks that may be asked of them. 
  • Productivity requirements: An annual productivity review for the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Systems and Networking Technology academic program will show that the program meets the minimum productivity requirements of the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board. For any number of students to have accomplished the AAS in CSNT, they must have developed critical thinking skills to identify or define a problem or task and solve that issue. 

Related Careers

  • Computer user support specialists
  • Computer network support specialists
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Cyber security/information security analysts

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