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AS = Associate of Science
TC = Technical Certificate

Students learn hands-on skills working in the plant and soil science labs and the on-site farm, giving the graduates the necessary abilities to fill high-demand positions in agriculture-related businesses and industries.

Program Outcomes

  • Students should demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of animal science, including reproduction, digestion, nutrition, and management of various livestock species, including cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and horses. They will also gain hands-on experience with basic livestock processing, including vaccination, deworming, and castration. 
  • Students should demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of plant science, including cytology, physiology, reproduction, and taxonomy. They will also demonstrate an understanding of commercial crop production. 
  • Students should demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of agricultural economic principles, including supply and demand, elasticities, market structure, and production and resource use. 
  • Students should understand the various requirements for completing their bachelor’s degree depending on the transfer institution and how to utilize campus resources to complete their program successfully. 

Related Careers

  • Agriculture business 
  • Agriculture industry 
  • Research 
  • Teaching 
  • Food processing 
  • Extension service 
  • Financial agent 

Transfer Options

After completing an Associate of Science in Agriculture, students can transfer to a four-year university and complete a bachelor's degree. Arkansas State University-Jonesboro (A-State) offers classes to help students obtain a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture business without leaving the Beebe campus.

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Jerry Sites | Assistant Professor of Agriculture
Chuck Wisdom | Assistant Professor of Agriculture
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