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AFA = Associate of Fine Arts

Music AFA = Associate of Fine Arts
The music program combines vocal or instrumental sounds to evoke emotion, produce beauty and form, or create harmony, melody or rhythm. The music department at ASU-Beebe prepares students for lifelong careers as musicians, music educators or professionals who work in music.

Program Outcomes

  • Display proficiency in music performance as a soloist and ensemble member.  
  • Understand the historical development of western music.  
  • Analyze musical passages for their harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and formal elements.  
  • Develop basic piano skills for non-pianists.  
  • Display an understanding of how to conduct themselves as professional musicians.  

Related Careers

  • Musician 
  • Singer 
  • Composer 
  • Private or public music teacher 
  • Music director 


Dr. Brent Bristow | Associate Professor of Music

Beebe Campus | Howell Center 102


Mary Jo Parker | Assistant Professor of Music

Beebe Campus | Howell Center 101


Dr. David Jones | Program Director Arts & Humanities | Professor of English 

Beebe Campus | Owen Center 170 


Teddy Davis | Dean of Arts & Humanities 

Associate Professor of Political Science and Geography

Beebe Campus | Owen Center 135-C


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