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Creative Arts Enterprise
AFA = Associate of Fine Arts

Creative Arts Enterprise AFA = Associate of Fine Arts
The Associate of Fine Arts in creative arts enterprise is a hybrid degree of art and business that gives students a foundation of entrepreneurial skills to develop arts-related businesses. The degree prepares students to establish a boutique, art gallery, studio, photography studio and many other creative arts-related businesses. It is a two-year terminal degree.  

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate about projects with and for a client. 
  • Understand the language of business and elementary financial accounting principles. 
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to manage the resources of a business. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to make business decisions legally and ethically. 
  • Develop a foundation level of visual literacy. 
  • Have proficiency in their chosen medium/media. 


Thomas Fernandez | Assistant Professor of Art 

Beebe Campus | England Center 121


Lisa Floryshak | Assistant Professor 

Beebe Campus | England Center 119 


Chad Duncheon | Instructor of Business 

Beebe Campus | Business & Agriculture 


Dr. David Jones | Program Director Arts & Humanities | Professor of English 

Beebe Campus | Owen Center 170 


Teddy Davis | Dean of Arts & Humanities 

Associate Professor of Political Science and Geography

Beebe Campus | Owen Center 135-C


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