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General Technology
AAS = Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science degree in general technology is designed for students who desire a program of study leading to job preparation for entry into the workforce. It is appropriate for students who are interested in a specialized technical certificate(s) for immediate employability and who desire general education courses to improve job promotion opportunities. Because of the stepping-stone approach in the design of most ASU-Beebe technical certificate programs of study, students may begin the general education courses needed for the AASGT degree prior to or after the technical certificate coursework has been completed. The degree consists of 15 credit hours of general education coursework and 45/46 credit hours of technical courses. The technical courses taken should result in the award of a technical certificate in a specialized area. Additional technical courses of interest to the student and approved by the advisor may be added to enhance employability and/or to meet the minimum 45 credit hours of technical coursework.

Program Outcomes

  • Achieve competency in written communication skills and mathematical concepts appropriate to the technical field of study and employability in the workforce. 
  • Display an awareness of societal concepts, personal and relational attributes, and other soft skills appropriate to the technical field of study and employability in the workforce.
  • Complete appropriate technical training and demonstrate competency in a specialized area of study for career preparation and employability in the workforce. 
  • Meet all ASU-Beebe and Arkansas Division of Higher Education course requirements for degree completion. 
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