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Patient Care Technician
CP = Certificate of Proficiency

The Arkansas State University-Beebe patient care technician is a one-semester program focusing on personal care, phlebotomy and cardiac monitoring skills. Patient care technician students are provided the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work in long-term care settings, physician clinics and acute care facilities. Each student will be allowed to work alongside other health care professionals and provide support as needed. 

Program Outcomes

  • Utilize effective communication skills within the healthcare setting.  
  • Perform duties safely and effectively within their scope of practice.  
  • Apply problem-solving skills as a healthcare team member to promote the health and wellness of the patient population under the direction of the supervising entity.  
  • Demonstrate proper patient care with consideration of legal, ethical and professional standards.

Related Careers

  • Acute and chronic care facilities 
  • Ambulatory care clinic 
  • Community health 
  • Public health  
  • Long-term care settings 

Costs & Fees

  • Scrubs $40 
  • Stethoscope $15 


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