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Nursing Assistant
CP = Certificate of Proficiency

The nursing assistant program introduces the principles of personal and professional development, including therapeutic communications, legal aspects, ethical aspects and nursing responsibilities emphasizing the patient, family and co-workers. This course includes a study of growth and development, fundamental skills, principles and attitudes needed to give nursing care with skill, safety and comfort. The student will have the ability to meet environmental, hygienic, activity and nutritional needs, as well as care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Program Outcomes

  • Discuss the general concepts of job duties expected of a nursing assistant.
  • Knowledge of basic medical terminology and ethical and legal concepts as they apply to the nursing assistant.
  • Demonstrate adequate skills through testing in the areas of infection control and basic skin care, safety issues and proper techniques in transferring, bathing, feeding and personal care of clients.
  • Identify the basic characteristics of Alzheimer’s and dementia and the care to be provided.
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