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Concurrent Enrollment Program

High School Credit + College Credit = Concurrent Enrollment Credit

The ASU-Beebe Concurrent Enrollment Program is a partnership between ASU-Beebe and participating school districts. Through this program, you have the opportunity to prepare for the academic challenges of college by enrolling in ASU-Beebe courses before you begin your full-time college studies. 


Kristine Penix

Director of Concurrent Enrollment
Phone: (501) 882-8832
Fax: (501) 882-8975
Email: kapenix

Daphnie Lane

Coordinator of Concurrent Enrollment
Phone: (501) 882-8809
Fax: (501) 882-8975
Email: dmlane

Enrollment Process

  1. First-time students participating in the program must complete the Online ASU-Beebe Admissions Application.  (Online Admission Application)

  2. Students must also complete the Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form. Or,  it may be obtained from your high school counselor, the ASU-Beebe Office of Concurrent Enrollment, or at the CEP webpage. This Concurrent Enrollment Form must be completed EVERY semester and will need to be signed by the student, parent or guardian, and the high school counselor, principal, or designee every semester.

  3. Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees for course(s), plus purchase textbook(s), unless supplied by the high school. When taking the classes at a high school campus during regular school hours, the Endorsed Concurrent course tuition is at a reduced rate; the difference between this and the regular tuition rate will be considered an academic scholarship and students will receive a federal tax form 1098T at the end of the year, reflecting the scholarship. Refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.

Requirements to Participate

The following requirements apply to all high school concurrently enrolled students:

  1. The student must have completed the eighth grade and be enrolled in an accredited public or private secondary school or home school.

  2. First-time participating students must complete the online Admission Application. The student must complete a one-time only online Admission Application and submit any required documents.  (Online Admission Application)

  3. Concurrent enrollment students are only allowed to take freshman and/or sophomore level courses that are approved through and included in the ASU-Beebe Catalog. These general education courses offered for concurrent credit must be listed in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS). The ACTS list may be found at: http://www.adhe.edu/students-parents/colleges-universites/transfer-info.-for-students/.

  4. Students must meet all course prerequisite requirements, as per the ASU-Beebe online catalog.

  5. The student's high school counselor, principal, designee, or superintendent must approve the specific courses and the number of hours in which the student desires to enroll each semester by signing the Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form.

  6. The student must submit a Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form showing they are a student in good standing at their high school and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale along with ACT or COMPASS scores. The student's counselor, designee, or principal must sign on the Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form for these items. Home schooled students will need to provide the Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form, along with a transcript showing the GPA plus an ACT or COMPASS score sheet. The Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form requires the signature of a parent or guardian, the student and a high school designee.

  7. The student must provide standardized test scores (ACT or COMPASS) indicating that he/she meets the minimum placement test scores established for the course or program in which he/she wants to enroll. High school students must have scored 19 or better on the ACT reading sub-test (83 or better on COMPASS) to enroll in ANY general education concurrent enrollment course. Students must score at least a 19 on the ACT in English AND Reading to enroll in Freshman English I (83 in Reading and 80 in English on the COMPASS) and at least a 19 on the ACT in Math and reading to enroll in College Algebra (41 in Algebra on the COMPASS). ASU-Beebe, ASU-Searcy, ASU-Heber Springs, and ASU-LRAFB administer the COMPASS exam. Information regarding COMPASS testing is available on our Testing Services website or by contacting the desired ASU-Beebe Campus or the Office of Concurrent Enrollment.

  8. Only high school seniors who possesses at least an ACT sub-test score of 17 in English, reading or mathematics (or comparable exam score) may enroll in the requisite remedial/ developmental education courses in English, reading, and mathematics at an ASU-Beebe Campus. Completion of remedial/developmental education courses at ASU-Beebe does not guarantee college-level course placement at another Arkansas college/university, unless there is a written/signed college course placement agreement between the universities. Remedial/developmental education courses cannot be used to meet the high school or university core subject area/unit requirements in English or math.

  9. A concurrently enrolled student will be classified as non-degree seeking and will not be eligible for financial aid.

  10. The student must complete the ASU-Beebe High School Concurrent Enrollment and Policy Form for each semester/term of enrollment.

  11. Students are responsible for the payment of their tuition and fees for concurrent courses, and for the purchasing of the textbook (unless texts are supplied by the high school).

All grades received for college courses will be posted on the student's official ASU-Beebe transcript.

Course Prerequisites are described in the ASU-Beebe Course Catalog.

Transfer of Credits

With the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's Course Transfer System (ACTS) students can view how general education courses transfer from and to the various Arkansas public colleges and universities. Using this information, students, parents, and school personnel can select an institution from the list provided and view how courses transfer. Some majors will have different requirements and/or may substitute courses for their program. The Course Transfer System may be found at: http://www.adhe.edu/students-parents/colleges-universites/transfer-info.-for-students/

Most institutions require a C or better for transfer.

Below you will find a list of the high schools in our area that we have partnered with for the Concurrent Enrollment Program a list of the courses available at that high school.

Remedial/Development Courses

A student enrolled in grade 12 only at a public secondary school who possesses at least an ACT sub-score of 17 in English, reading or mathematics (or an equivalent measure) may enroll in remedial/developmental education courses in English, reading and mathematics on an Arkansas State University-Beebe campus during a regular fall or spring semester.

The successful completion of remedial/developmental education courses in English, reading and mathematics at one college or university does not guarantee college course placement at another college or university. The student is responsible for checking the placement requirements for the college/university of their choice.

Public school students in grade 12 only who are enrolled in remedial/developmental education courses will not be counted for public higher education funding purposes, therefore, remedial education cost will be at the current on-campus rate.


The ASU-Beebe Concurrent Enrollment Program is proud to be
NACEP Accredited