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Business & Management Training

The purpose of business and management classes offered at ASU-Beebe are to help prepare and advance the managerial, leadership, and basic business-related technical skills of the talent our local business and industry partners possess. 

Each of the Professional Development classes will cover a specific topic that will engage a current or prospective leader into discussions that are built for personal and team growth. Corporate rates and group discounts are available depending on size and length of training topic.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to effectively maneuver through your computer’s programs. All introductory skills will be taught from turning the computer on and off correctly to file management. You will learn how to utilize programs, send e-mails, work with pictures and explore other items of interest to the class.
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This course is designed to be a continuation of Computer Basics that will go into further detail and build upon the skills taught in the first class. The student will learn how to utilize different programs, save pictures from your phone or camera, burn/ create a disc of documents or pictures, save and retrieve information from a jump/thumb/flash drive as well as explore one-on-one questions in class.
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Participants practice the fundamentals of Excel, which include cell functions, copying data, familiarization with the cut/paste feature, formatting cells, printing worksheets, use of auto-complete versus auto-fill, how to enter basic formulas, working with multiple worksheets, cell reference logic and ranges. This introductory course will get you off to a great start on the powerful features of Excel.
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Participants work with more advanced Excel functions for worksheet formatting, sorting, conditional formatting, headers & footers, IF formulas, the use of formulas to extract or compute data, create and format tables, create and edit charts, group & ungroup worksheets, create a summary worksheet for multiple worksheets, use of watermarks, import graphics into spreadsheets and edit graphics.
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Participants practice and learn about the advanced and powerful features of Excel when they learn how to use the macro tool, learn how to use the V-Lookup function, pivot tables, create and edit charts, how to use slicers, grouping worksheets, editing and validating data, create folders, use of comment feature, protecting worksheets & workbooks, sharing worksheets and export Excel data into other software programs.
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This course is designed to help the beginner or novice user learn how to create a presentation, edit and navigate within a presentation, add slides, deliver a slideshow, create a presentation outline, use format painter, use slide sorter, create PowerPoint sections, use online pictures and ClipArt, insert a screenshot, use transitions, animations and sound effects.
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Take your presentation skills up another notch by using the advanced features of PowerPoint. Use speaker notes, spell check, create handouts with notes and print handouts in a variety of formats that will suit your audience or speaker. Learn how to use hyperlinks, add audio in presentations, create slide show timings, use video clips in presentations and learn how to insert other Microsoft documents into presentation slides. 
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Learn the basic features of MS Word that includes opening documents, customizing the Quick Access toolbar, navigating a Word document, saving Word documents and converting to a PDF file, customize auto-correct functions, editing documents, setting margins, changing the page orientation, using page breaks, using spell check, formatting text, using format painter, how to find & replace words and navigating the ribbon.
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Explore more advanced features of Word such as mail merge, section breaks, use of clip art and pictures, format images, set up columns, use drop caps, insert shapes, how to insert ClipArt and edit borders while also learning how to use form templates.
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Professional Development Courses 

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced work environment, leaders often fail to see the impact their interactions with others have on their success as leaders, their job satisfaction, or the success of their business. Meeting deadlines and maintaining operational metrics can overshadow the need for effective communication. 

In this course, participants learn when and how to use interpersonal skills that will enable them to prepare for, lead, and participate in a variety of crucial interactions with those they report to, their peers and their team members.

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Many leaders might think that coaching should occur only after someone has made a mistake or is struggling to meet expectations, and then spend a majority of their time doing just that. However, good coaches also prepare people to succeed in new or challenging situations.

In this course, participants will be introduced to two types of coaching - proactive and reactive - to meet the needs of their team members not only after the task or assignment has been completed, but also before the task is handed over so they learn from prior success. The goal of this course is to acknowledge the necessity of both types of coaching to help people achieve peak performance.

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Approximately 70 percent of workplace change initiatives fail to produce desired results. In most cases these initiatives fail not because leaders don’t know what to do to implement workplace change, but rather because they aren’t skilled in how to implement change.

Driving Change shows learners how they can avoid being included in this statistic by providing the skills and resources they need to accelerate the process of implementing change with their team members and to create an agile work environment where people are more open to change.  

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Many leaders take on most of the responsibility for setting up each person’s performance plan, and then hope for the best when it comes time to discuss results. Setting Goals and Reviewing Results presents a shift in this traditional approach to one in which leaders and their reports share responsibility for all aspects of their performance.

This course introduces tools and techniques leaders can use to fully engage in performance discussions that result in clear goals and a clear path to achieving results. 

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Delegation is much more than just assigning tasks to people. It’s a tool for ensuring that every team member is contributing to business results and continually developing new skills and expertise. Delegating to achieve these purposes requires thought and planning, from identifying opportunities to delegating meaningful tasks and responsibilities, to matching people to these tasks and responsibilities, to planning, communicating, and managing the delegation.

Participants of this course will learn the following key aspects of delegation: Identifying tasks and responsibilities for the leader, the team and the organization; Matching people to tasks/responsibilities; Planning the approach to delegation using Planning Points; Planning the use of Interaction Essentials to build confidence and commitment; Managing delegations to ensure a successful transfer of responsibility.

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Today’s complex business dynamics and fierce global competition force organizations to continually ramp up productivity, improve quality, shorten cycle times, and reduce costs. An unfortunate, but natural, byproduct is workplace conflict. Such pressures inevitably cause people with different personalities, communication styles, priorities, and values to have differences at one time or another.

One of the key messages for this course is that leaders must help employees accept accountability for owning and resolving their workplace conflicts. Leaders learn to do this by leveraging two intervention tactics: coaching and, if the conflict remains unresolved, mediating. It’s also important that leaders are able to recognize the warning signs of conflict so that they can take the appropriate action.  

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Leaders across the board need resources and support that enable them to enhance their team’s performance. The ability to lead a team toward success by achieving maximum results is a key skill needed to succeed in today’s competitive work environment. Maximizing Team Performance develops participants’ understanding of the important role they play as leaders in creating and sustaining a high-performing team environment. Using five Team Success Factors, they learn to diagnose and address conditions that prevent the team from achieving maximum results.

The success factors—Results, Commitment, Communication, Process, and Trust —provide the framework in which a team can work at its best. To determine how their team is performing relative to each success factor, participants complete a Team Success Factors Survey. They learn to leverage the Team Success Factors to strengthen the team’s performance and begin to develop an action plan they can implement back at work. Learners also complete a Trusting Others Survey to help them see how much they trust their team. Participants are introduced to the Team Charter Worksheet, a tool they can use to help their team establish clear goals, responsibilities, and processes for working together effectively. A Team Resource Guide is provided to participants for reference during the session and for use afterward.  

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“Planning and Managing Resources” means establishing courses of action for yourself, and sometimes others, to ensure that work is completed efficiently. This course will equip you with skills and tools to prioritize work, optimize resources, stay focused, and plan and schedule projects. The results? You and your team will be able to make stronger contributions to your organization.
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For additional information, please contact 501.207.6249 or 501.207.6213.

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