Business & Management Training

The purpose of business and management classes offered at ASU-Beebe are to help prepare and advance the managerial, leadership, and basic business-related technical skills of the talent our local business and industry partners possess. 


Title  Description Hours Cost
Computer Basics  In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to effectively maneuver through a computer’s basic components. Participants will learn how turn a computer on and off correctly, utilize basic programs, manage files, send e-mails, and work with documents.  6 $65 
Computer Basics II This course is designed to be a continuation of Computer Basics that goes into further detail and builds upon the skills taught in the first class. Participants will learn how to utilize different software programs, save pictures from a phone or camera, save and retrieve information from a jump/thumb/flash drive, as well as explore additional topics of interest.  6  $65
Microsoft Excel Level  I  This introductory course covers the fundamentals of Excel, which include cell functions, copying data, familiarization with the cut/paste feature, formatting cells, printing worksheets, use of auto-complete versus autofill, how to enter basic formulas, working with multiple worksheets, cell reference logic, and ranges.  9  $100
Microsoft Excel Level II  Participants work with more advanced Excel functions for worksheet formatting, sorting, conditional formatting, headers & footers, IF formulas, the use of formulas to extract or compute data, create and format tables, create and edit charts, group & ungroup worksheets, create a summary worksheet for multiple worksheets, use of watermarks, import graphics into spreadsheets and edit graphics.  9  $100 
Microsoft Excel Level III  Participants practice and learn about the advanced and powerful features of Excel when they learn how to use the macro tool, learn how to use the V-Lookup function, pivot tables, create and edit charts, how to use slicers, grouping worksheets, editing and validating data, create folders, use of comment feature, protecting worksheets & workbooks, sharing worksheets and export Excel data into other software programs.  9  $100
Microsoft PowerPoint Level I  Take your presentation skills up another notch by using the advanced features of PowerPoint. Use speaker notes, spell check, create handouts with notes and print handouts in a variety of formats that will suit your audience or speaker. Learn how to use hyperlinks, add audio in presentations, create slide show timings, use video clips in presentations and learn how to insert other Microsoft documents into presentation slides.   6  $75
Microsoft Word Level I  Learn the basic features of MS Word that includes opening documents, customizing the Quick Access toolbar, navigating a Word document, saving Word documents and converting to a PDF file, customize auto-correct functions, editing documents, setting margins, changing the page orientation, using page breaks, using spell check, formatting text, using format painter, how to find & replace words and navigating the ribbon.  6  $75
Microsoft Word Level II  Explore more advanced features of Word such as mail merge, section breaks, use of clip art and pictures, format images, set up columns, use drop caps, insert shapes, how to insert ClipArt and edit borders while also learning how to use form templates.  6  $75

Developing Leaders Series

Driving Change Learners identify a real-life workplace change, the business rationale behind it, and how their team members might be reacting. In class, they use this information to prepare for and practice how they will respond to team members to help them move closer toward embracing the change. (DDI Leadership course) 4 $125
Communicating for Leadership Success Participants begin their learning by reading background about a situation that requires a leader to have a discussion with a team member. Taking the role of the leader, participants plan for the upcoming discussion. Participants also complete a self-evaluation on their use of Key Principles. (DDI Leadership course) 4 $125
Communication: Connect Through Conversation This course highlights to leaders that engaging the "head," or the business outcome of the conversation, is just as critical as recognizing and addressing the "heart," or people's feelings such as being respected or appreciated. Leaders will recognize the role of emotional intelligence in success as a leader as they develop foundational leadership skills that apply to the wide range of workplace situations they must handle. (DDI Leadership course) 4 $125
Coaching: Move People Forward In this course, leaders recognize the benefits of a growth mindset, and the insight tool measures their general orientation to how they view other's potential to grow. They learn and practice a practical approach to coaching in the moment, in any situation.  4 $125
Resolving Workplace Conflict Participants begin their learning and development experience by identifying what employees say or do to contribute to or cause conflict and effective or ineffective behaviors ways to resolve in their work groups. They are asked to come to class with a past or current conflict situation in mind involving two or more members of their work group to prepare for and practice how they will coach an employee or mediate a conflict between two team members. (DDI Leadership course) 4 $125
Strategies for Influencing Others Learners read about an influencing opportunity to enhance their understanding of influencing in the workplace. After considering the influencing approach used in the scenario, they identify their own opportunity for which they will develop an influencing plan during the session. (DDI Leadership course) 4 $125

For additional information, please contact 501.207.6249 or 501.207.6250.

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