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Verification of Student Identity

Student Identity / Protection

Campus Technology 
Every ASU-Beebe student, regardless of enrollment method, is issued a unique username and password upon successful enrollment into the college. The student’s username is their firstname.lastname (ex. john.doe) and their initial password is generated by the college and designed for initial login. The student must reset their password after their initial login. All students, especially online-only students, use their username and password for accessing all ASUB technology on or off campus. Students must use their username and password to access Canvas, the college learning management system.  Once logged into their Canvas portal, students have access to the appropriate courses they have enrolled for that particular term.

Proctored Exams
The college also verifies a student’s ID when they take a proctored exam. At ASU-Beebe, all 100% online courses are required to have at least one proctored exam. These are usually mid-term or final exam. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, students would visit the testing center during mid-term or final exam periods to take their exams. The Distance Education personnel would verify a student’s ID by having the student sign in and present a picture ID (student ID, driver's license). They then monitor the student login to their Canvas account and access the exam using a unique test access password entered by Distance Education when the student enters the exam. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the college has provided access to Proctorio, an online test proctoring service, via Canvas LTI. Students enrolled in 100% online exams complete their exam via the Proctorio platform that verifies students' identity before taking the exam. Students must have a webcam as they are monitored while taking the exam to ensure they remain the person taking the exam and to assist with technical difficulties.  

Multi-factor Authentication 
Adding an extra layer of protection, the college has instituted a multi-factor authentication program using the Duo platform. The multi-factor authentication program adds a second layer of security for students and their online accounts provided by the college. This process uses a second method, like a smartphone or a fob, to safeguard the identity of the user. This process prevents others from logging in to one's accounts even if they know the password.  Students are required to download the Duo app (or will be provided a key fob) to their phones. After a simple setup process, students will authorize their access through the Duo app.  
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