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Payroll Office

Welcome to the Payroll Office. The office maintains timesheets for students and part-time employees.  We also process paychecks, direct deposit information and W-2's. Please contact our department with questions regarding your pay or to update direct deposit or tax deduction information. 

Controller & Payroll Office

Part-time, student workers and hourly employees are paid in arrears. Time turned in for hours worked the first of the month through the fifteenth is paid the last working day of the month. Time turned in for the sixteenth through the last day of the month is paid the fifteenth of the next month. Time sheet due dates and payment information is listed on the extra help/student time sheet schedule.

Detailed payroll information, as well as W-2's, are listed on Pay-Stub View. 

Important Info

ASU-Beebe Controller's Office

1000 Iowa St.

P.O. Box 1000

Beebe, AR  72012

Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact Info

Kathy Ward | Controller


Dana Dobbins | Assistant Controller/Grants

C.C. Crymes | Payroll Accountant


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