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Borrow from Other Libraries

Borrow from Other Libraries

The ARKLink card is free and available to ASU-Beebe students, faculty and staff. It will enable you to borrow books from other participating libraries. Just present a valid ASU-Beebe ID at the circulation desk to have a card set up. We also have a service called Mockingbird. You can place requests there, and we'll route them to other Arkansas academic libraries. If they don't have it, it will be routed to Arkansas public libraries.

ARKLink Policies and Procedures

To use an ARKLink Card, you'll need to present a valid ASU-Beebe ID at the circulation desk to set up a card. Once set up, cards are valid for one semester for students and one year for faculty and staff. Each participating library has its own policies. You can check the list of participating libraries at the following link:

  • Students, faculty and staff with an ARKLink card can borrow four books at a time for two weeks, with one renewal for another two weeks.
  • ARKLink cardholders must present their ARKLink card and a photo ID at the circulation desk upon checking out materials.
  • Optionally, an official ARKLink fax request from the home library may be used to authorize the participating library to issue an ARKLink Card.

For more information, contact John Clowers at 501.882.8808 or email

, the Arkansas Statewide Virtual Union Catalog, provides a single point of access to participating Arkansas library catalogs. Users can search this combined catalog and request interlibrary loans from participating institutions. You can access it at ASU-Beebe Mockingbird Catalog.

Interlibrary Loan Services
allows Abington Library to borrow items from other libraries. This can save travel distance to other libraries, especially when they are out of state. To borrow an item, fill out and submit the interlibrary loan form. From there, the form will be processed, and a notification will be sent when the items have arrived. If Abington Library owns the item or provides access to that item electronically, the requester will be notified so they can get quick access to that product. For more information, call 501.882.8976 or email
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