Name Information
Abbott, Tim
Testing Coordinator
Adams, Mark
University Police Officer
Ahearn, Melissa
Cashier's Office
Algood, Amber
Library Technician
Allen, Justin
Program Manager-Emergency Medical Services
Alumbaugh, Elizabeth
Business Instructor
Angel, Kristan
Instructor of Education
Arnold, Jesse
Campus Business Manager
Avery, Brock
Maintenance Assistant
Heber Springs501.362.1220
Baggett, Jeffrey
Maintenance Coordinator
Bailey, Suzanne Ed.D.
Dean of Career Education
Baird, Genevieve
Administrative Specialist for ITS
Banks, Addie
Administrative Specialist
Barnes, Susan
RCC-Medical Professions Instructor
Bartlett, Tim
Associate Professor of Music
Barton-Smith, Amanda
Academic Coord-CTE
Beadle, Sarah
Employment Specialist
Beck, Cindy
Instructor of English
Been, Sharon
Bell, Joshua
Student Development Specialist / Advisor
Bingham, Monique
Purchasing Technician
Bittle, Tyler
Blackmon, Cammi
Cashier's Office
Blackwell, B.J.
Searcy ITS Campus Lead
Boyd, Jimmy
Assistant Professor / Director of Medical Laboratory Technology
Boyd, Rickae
Student Employment & Training Case Manager
Brackett, Pat
Administrative Specialist
Bramlett, Amber
Instructor of Education
Brandon, Dakota
Maintenance Assistant
Brent, James
Associate Professor of History & Political Science
Bristow, Brent
Professor of Music
Brock, Danny
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Brock, Dava
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Brown, Garvase
Maintenance Supervisor
Brucks, Al
Skilled Tradesman
Bryant, Lisa
Assistant Professor of Biology
Buckingham, Terry
Upholstery Instructor
Buford, Sarah
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Burgoyne, Bonnie
Director of Financial Aid
Burke, Pam
Instructor of Health, P.E. and Recreation
Burns, Charles "Coach"
Instructor of Health, PE & Intramurals Director
Burton, Catherine
Assistant Director of Advising and Learning Center
Burton, Gail
Practical Nursing Instructor
Cain, Megan
Veterinary Technology Instructor / Certified Veterinary Technician
Carr, Donna
Employee Benefits Coordinator
Carson, Patti
Recruitment/Admissions Coordinator
Casey, Kendall
Master CADD Instructor/Director of Career Education
Cearns, William
Campus Laboratory Technician for Information Technology Services
Chambers, Abe
Mental Health Counselor
Chambers, Charlene
Coordinator of Public Relations
Chandler, Brian
Skilled Tradesman
Chase, Sheila
Instructor of Rhetoric/Speech
Chatman, Kae
Associate Professor of English
Cherry, Cheryl
Clegg, Victoria
Financial Aid Specialist
Heber Springs501.362.1211
Clowers, John
Library Circulation Supervisor
Cole, Andrea
Development Officer/Major Gifts
Coley, Kristie
Director of Veterinary Technology Program / Veterinarian
Collie, Susan
Associate Vice Chancellor - Human Resources
Colón, Cindy
Administrative Specialist III - Student Services
Comstock, Mary
Instructor of English
Cooper, Robbie
University Police
Cornell, Chester "Chet"
Assistant Professor of History
Cornett, Brenda
Administrative Specialist II
Counts, Bob
Business & Agriculture Computer Lab Technician
Counts, W. Richard
Associate Vice Chancellor of Academics
Cresswell, Ethan
Crow, Jeffrey
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Crymes, CC
Cullum, Dennis
Skilled Tradesman
Curtis, Saudia
Administrative Specialist Campus Operations
Dailey, Kimberly
Library Technician
Davidson, James
Purchasing Specialist
Davidson, Karen
Adult Education Instructor
Davis, Teddy
Associate Professor of Geography & Political Science
Derrick, April
Library Technician
Devine, Dennis
Assistant Professor of Business
Dicken, Stacey
Student Recruitment Specialist
Dieutto, Kellie
Instructor of CSNT
Dillard, Wendell
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Dobbins, Dana
Fiscal Support Specialist
Donley, Alexa
Student Development Specialist for Student Support Services
Downey-Rutledge, Jennifer
Duncan, Shane
Auto Body Instructor
Dunn, Amber
Campus Business Manager
Durham, Rhonda
Director of Distance Learning/Educational Technology
Eddleman, Stephanie
Associate Professor of English
Edrington, Jean Ann
Instructor of Business
Ellis, Jessica
Administrative Specialist for Financial Aid
Fernandez, Thomas
Instructor of Fine Arts
Files, Draik
Financial Aid Specialist
Fincher, Wade
Director of Enterprise Applications
Fires, Dawn
Practical Nursing Instructor
Fires, Roger
Electronics Instructor
Fisher, Emily
Floryshak, Lisa
Instructor of Art
Foster, Keith
Assistant Professor of English
Frame, Rosemary
Administrative Specialist for Institutional Advancement
Franzen, Jessica
Science Laboratory Coordinator
Free, Rikky
Website Coordinator
Freeland, Linda
Administrative Specialist for Student Services
Gaines, Vicki
Administrative Specialist for Upward Bound
Gamalie, Ticu
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics
Gatti-Clark, Linda
Instructor of Science
Gibbons, Ryan
Instructor of Communications and Theater
Gibson, Ashley
Administrative Specialist I
Gillam, Carissa
Special Events Coordinator
Goodman, Michael
Senior Instructor of Computer Systems & Networking Technology
Goodner, Jason
Dean of Arts & Humanities
Gordon, Meredith
Instructor of Biology and Botany
Grindstaff, Jacob
Computer Support Technician
Haines, Beverley
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Harmon, Miranda
Administrative Specialist for Marketing and IA
Harness, Scott "Skot"
LMS Administrator/Educational Technology
Hart, Tara
Instructor of Veterinary Technology
Harter, Joyce
Administrative Specialist
Hartsfield, Karyl
Instructor of Education
Harvey, Carl
Information Technology Manager
Haskins, Larry
Skilled Tradesman
Hastings, Kelli
Administrative Specialist II - Advanced Studies
Hastings, Mark
Maintenance Coordinator
Haustein, JoAnn
Instructor of Mathematics
Hayes, Danita
Admin Spec-Upward Bound
Heber Springs501.362.1180
Hayes, Robin
Haynie, Preston
Director-Regional Career Ctr
He, Qifang
Associate Professor of Physical Science
Henry, Bryan
Skilled Tradesman HVAC
Henry, Jason
Director of Student Engagement
Hill, Jan
Adult Education
Hillman, Judy
Practical Nursing Instructor
Holobaugh, Derrick
Computerized Machining Technology Instructor
Hudson, Mark
Dir-Food Service
Hughey, Jodi
Administrative Specialist for Math & Science Division
Humphryes, Anita
Jackson, Cathy
Admin Spec-University Police
Jackson, Lisa
England Center Coordinator
Jackson, Rose Mary
Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement
Johnson, Kevin
Assistant Professor of History
Jones, Arch
Associate VC of Student Services
Jones, David PhD
Professor of English
Jones, Lisa
Records Coordinator
Jones, Megan
Instructor of Nutrition
Jones, Pamela L.
Administrative Assistant Student Support Services
Jones, Tabatha
Admissions Specialist
Joy, Connie
Campus Bookstore
Heber Springs501.362.1206
Keller, Hunter
RCC Multi-Skills Instructor
Kelley, Rena
Adult Ed-Heber Springs Ctr
Kelley, Ronnie
Farm Foreman
Kiihnl, Melanie
Executive Assistant to Chancellor
Killion, Erica
SSS Transfer Specialist
Kirk, Judy
Assistant Professor of Mathematics / Program Coordinator for Business, Math, and Science Division
Knapp, Dr. Stephen
Professor of English
Kuchel, Cherri
Student Develop-SSS
Lackey, David
Equipment Mechanic
Lackey, Joshua
Skilled Tradesman
Lancaster, Robin
Executive Director of Procurement
Lane, Daphnie
Educational Technology Coordinator
Larkins, Doug
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Latture, Linda
Admin Specialist - Physical Plant
Lee, Chris
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services/CITO
Lewis, Rachel
Research Analyst
Lewis Jr., Leon
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services, CITO
Liles, Janet
Assessment and ITS
Lindsey, Suzanne
Assistant Professor of English
Long, Gale
Admin Specialist - Finance
Luten, Tonya
Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services/Dean of Students
Magby, Kraig
Public Safety Officer
Marquess, Jake
Associate Professor of Biology
Martin, J.J.
Public Safety Supervisor
Martin, Tammye
Microbiology Instructor
Marzewski, Jason
Graphic Designer
Marzewski, Tisha L.
Coordinator of Disability Services
Mayes, Dr. David
Associate Vice Chancellor - Dean of Students
McCastlain, Clay
Assistant Professor of Biology
McGillvray, Mathew
Library Technician
McKinney, Carol
Landscape Supervisor
McKinney, Terry
Welding Instructor
McMahan, J.D.
Heber Springs ITS Campus Lead
McMenamin, Ralph
Math & Science Computer Lab Technician
McMichael, Cody
Campus Operations Manager- Heber Springs
Meador, Melissa
Associate Professor of Biology
Mertsch, Tracey
Adult Education Instructor
Mesa, Leonard
Director of Workforce and Community Development
Methvin, Jennifer
Meza, Twany
Admin Spec-Admissions
Miller, Jr., Russell "Rusty"
Hospitality / Culinary Instructor
Mix, Kerry
Molinaro, Kelly
Cashier's Office
Moore, Charlette
Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance
Moore, Keith
Executive Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Moore, Roger
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration/CFO
Morehead, Jeremy
Advanced Instructor of Air Conditioning
Morris, Lara
Financial Aid Analyst
Morris, Samuel 'Sam'
Canvas-Zoom Technician
Mosley, Cindy
Student Development Specialist for Learning Center
Mote, Delana
Financial Aid Analyst/VA Representative
Neldon, Theda
Career Pathways Coordinator
Nesmith, Suzanne
Instructor of Computer Systems and Networking Technology
Nowell, Connie
O'Mealia, Brittany
Program Coordinator
Organ, Sherry
Adult Education Coordinator
Padgett, Elaine
Administrative Specialist for Adult Education
Parker, Mary Jo
Assistant Professor of Piano/Accompanist
Parsons, Christy
Academics Administrative Assistant II
Petty, Joe
Computerized Machining Technology Instructor
Phillips, Dawn
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Phillips, Tammy
Upward Bound Academic Advisor
Pickens, Franchesca
Adult Education Instructor
Purnell, Tamara
Student Employment Specialist
Querry, Dean
Automotive Technology Instructor
Quick, Stephanie
Assistant Director of Upward Bound
Ramey, Gina
Adult Education Instructor
Ranney, Dr. Larry
Testing Admin-Faculty
Ray, Kenneth
Admin Specialist - Human Resources
Reed, John
Welding Instructor
Reed, Troy
Welding Instructor
Reynolds, Lindsey
Coordinator of Campus Relations
Rhoads, Matthew
Instructor of Psychology
Roland, Jeff
Skilled Tradesman
Ross, Scott
Student Development Spec/LC
Rouse, Burnis
Counselor @ Regional Career Center
Russ, Ronald
Electronic & Public Services Librarian
Sapkota, Kayla
Instructor of Business
Schueren, Denise
Community Ed Coordinator
Scott, Clayton
Maintenance Assistant
Scott, Joseph
Assistant Professor of Biology & Program Coordinator for Math and Science Division
Scudder, Sharon
Director of Student Support Services/Upward Bound
Selvidge, Jake
Diesel Maintenance Instructor
Selvidge, Lee
Instructor of Spanish
Shearer, Dixie
Administrative Specialist for Student Life
Shefflette, Nancy
LRAFB - Campus Operations Manager
Shepherd, Stephanie
Residence Hall Coordinator
Shults, Leslie
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Simmons, Tuwanda
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Sites, Jerry
Assistant Professor of Agriculture
Smith, Cindy
Director of Allied Health
Smith, Colby
Multi-Media Specialist
Smith, Debbie
Smith, Richard
Assistant Professor of Biology
Smith, Tiffany
English Instructor
Smith, Tracy
Library Director
Smyth, Bonnie
Director of Institutional Research and Data Quality
Snyder, Ronald
Power Sports Instructor
Spradlin, Tonia
Assistant Professor of Business
Stane, Megan
Administrative Specialist - Concurrent Education
Stapleton, Cricket
Campus Business Manager
Stevens, James
RCC-Auto Body Instructor
Stogner, Heather
Workforce Training Coordinator
Supratman, Eddie
Assistant Professor of History and Comparative Religion
Tailion, Shawn
Department Head Agriculture Equipment Technology / Advanced Instructor
Taylor, Frank
Student Union Night Manager
Thompson, Debbie
Admissions Coordinator
Thompson, Jerry
Director-Physical Plant
Thurman, Leslie
Instructor of Speech
Tippitt, Jennifer
Advanced Instructor / Director of Pharmacy Technology Program
Treat, Andy
Senior Instructor of Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Trujillo, Jennifer
SSS/Student Development Specialist
Tucker, Tonya
Assistant Registrar
Tucker, Zackery
Assistant Director of Student Life
Underhill, Blake
Administrative Specialist for Provost
Ungerank, Stephanie
Instructional Designer
Utley, Danya
Division Operations Coordinator
Van Horn, Sharon
Administrative Specialist-Campus Operations
Vaughan, Linda
Administrative Specialist II, Arts & Humanities Division
Vernon, Sheila
Adult Ed Instructor
Wallace, Lee
Admin Spec-Arts & Humanities
Walters, Vivian
Instructor of English
Ward, Kathy
Coord Payroll/Grants/Acct
Ware, Jacob
Manager of Networks and Systems
Warnick, Larry
Skilled Tradesman
Watson, Mike
Public Safety Officer
Weaver, Brian
Instructor of Biology and Microbiology
West, Alison
Assistant Professor of Mathematics / Program Coordinator for Business, Math, and Science Division
White, Pam
Bookstore Manager
Whitehurst, Jodi
Assistant Professor of English
Williams, Margaret
Admin Specialist - Career Pathways
Winter, Jim
Manager of Business and Technical Services
Wisdom, Chuck
Assistant Professor of Agriculture
Yelder, Linda
Associate Director - Financial Aid
Yokley, Stephen
Advanced Instructor-Agriculture Equipment Technology

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