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ASU-Beebe Vanguard Mini-Grants Awarded
Posted Date: 5/14/24

Thanks to a generous donation from Arkansas State University-Beebe supporter and advocate Cathy Eoff with Eoff & Associates Realty, Inc., several faculty and staff received financial support for scholarly activities and products designed to improve teaching, programmatic offerings and student success initiatives through the Vanguard Mini-Grants program, which was created in the fall of 2021.
“Cathy Eoff is a generous, forward-thinking donor,” Dr. Jennifer Methvin, ASU-Beebe chancellor, said. “The Vanguard Mini-Grant program supports our faculty and staff as they create unique and meaningful learning experiences for our students. Put simply, Ms. Eoff invests in our students' futures.”
For the 2023-24 academic year, six initiatives were funded through the program. Those initiatives that received funding were: a vital sign machine, Spanish children’s book collection, pharmacy medi-dose system, mini library, clay and pitfire intercollegiate workshop and a library reading and study room.
Hospital Grade Vital Sign Machine
Mini-grant funds were used to purchase a hospital grade vital signs machine available for student use in the medical professions program in the ASU-Beebe Regional Career Center at the Lonoke Business Academy. The vital signs machine simulates the health care workplace in a lab setting, giving students access to equipment they will encounter in their future careers, reducing orientation time and instilling confidence in their readiness for workplace tasks.
ASU-Beebe Spanish Children’s Book Collection
The ASU-Beebe Spanish Children’s Book Collection initiative sought to elevate the Spanish language learning experience for students in Spanish I, II, III and IV classes. The project involved procuring a library of children’s books in both Spanish and Spanish/English, tailored to different reading proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced. The library is intended to immerse students in the joy of reading Spanish through engaging, age-appropriate materials.
Pharmacy Packaging Systems – Medi-Dose System
Pharmaceutical packaging and medi-dose system, within the pharmacy technician program at ASU-Beebe, successfully met federal and state guidelines to uphold the integrity and safety of medications. The comprehensive packaging system, integrated into the curriculum, allows students to learn barcoding technology and compliance packaging while adhering to safety standards. By introducing 'Pharmacy Packaging Systems' early in the educational program, students acquire valuable simulation skills through the use of real-world equipment and supplies and enhancing their employability.  
Trio Leadership Council – Mini Library
The mini library project, sponsored by the TRIO Leadership Council, was implemented on the Beebe campus and is situated in The Grove. This mini library serves as a communal space where individuals can contribute and share good books with others. The concept encourages a cycle of sharing and reading, allowing anyone to both place a book they wish to share and take a new one to read. This initiative fosters a culture of literature appreciation and community engagement within the ASU-Beebe community.
Parkin Archeological Park – Wild Clay and Pitfire Intercollegiate Workshop
The Parkin Archeological Park – Wild Clay and Pitfire Intercollegiate Workshop is a unique collaborative experience involving various institutions and the public. Participants engaged in hands-on activities such as collecting local clay, processing it, GPS tagging and creating small pieces or preparing wet clay for travel. The workshop's primary objectives included establishing connections between raw materials and finished work, exploring the heritage practice of crafting utilitarian wares and its historical context, and fostering a dialogue about the language of heritage.
The Ruth Couch Reading and Study Room 
The ASU-Beebe chapter of Educators Rising and student intern Brianna Staples collaborated with the Abington Library to spearhead the project titled "The Ruth Couch Reading and Study Room." The initiative created a secure and comfortable space for student parents who bring their children to the library. The dedicated area on the second floor of library, offers weekly book spotlights, worksheets and engaging activities for children, enabling student parents to balance coursework and parenting responsibilities effectively.

Pictured, from left, are Dr. Jennifer Methvin, ASU-Beebe chancellor, Cathy Eoff, Brianna Staples, Amber Bramlett, assistant professor of education, and Penny Cook, instructor of education.
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