The mathematics department strives to provide a supportive learning environment where students can acquire the analytical and problem solving skills needed in nearly every field of endeavor.  We offer courses designed to prepare students for leading roles in education, science, business, industry, and other careers. Whether you need foundation classes or higher-level math, ASU-Beebe can provide what you need.  You can learn basic skills, earn required math credits for certificates and degree programs, or prepare for transfer to a four-year school.

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  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Physicist and Astronomer
  • Post Secondary Teacher
  • Statistician
  • Survey Researcher

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Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ASLAS)

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The Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ASLAS) degree is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a four-year program with specific transfer requirements before transferring to a four-year university. Students who know where they will transfer and what their major will be should be able to plan their degree, with the help of an ASU-Beebe advisor, to maximize transfer.

Under Arkansas Act 747 of 2011, all associate of arts and associate of science degrees will transfer to all state-supported universities.  Furthermore, these degrees will satisfy the general education core requirements as determined by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Coordinating Board.  In some core areas, such as Mathematics, higher-level courses may be required as a pre-requisite at the four-year institution.  For students pursuing an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences, it is important to know as soon as possible to which university they intend to transfer.  In this way, the ASU-Beebe advisor can assist the student into courses that maximize transfer hours.

The ASLAS offers greater flexibility for students, who choose, in consult with their academic advisor, 25 elective hours to complete the degree. 

ASU-Beebe is not authorized to award an ASLAS degree with a specific area of emphasis.  Courses may be used to satisfy the elective requirements of the ASLAS degree and provide a foundation to prepare the student for a Bachelor’s degree program. The diploma will read Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

UNIV 1003 Principles of Academic Success
ENG 1003 Freshman English I



MATH 1023 College Algebra OR
MATH 1043 Quantitative Literacy



HIST 2763 U.S. to 1876 OR 
HIST 2773 U.S. since 1876 OR 
POSC 2103 Intro to U.S.Gov

XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit hour elective)
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ENG 1013  Freshman English II



HIST 1013 World Civilization to 1660 OR 
HIST 1023 World Civilization since 1660

XXXX  XXX3 Elective (3 Credit hour elective)
XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit hour elective)
XXX4 BIOL 1004 Biology for General Education OR 
BIOL 1014 Principles of Biology OR
BIOL 1024 Ecology OR
BIOL 2104 Microbiology OR 
BOT 1104 General Botany OR 
ZOOL 1014 Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology OR 
ZOOL 1304 General Zoology I OR 
ZOOL 1314 General Zoology II OR
ZOOL 2004 Human Anatomy & Physiology I OR
ZOOL 2014 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
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ENG XXX3 ENG 2003 World Literature I OR 
ENG 2013 World Literature II
SPCH 1203 Oral Communications
XXX3 HIST 2763 The U.S. to 1876 OR
HIST 2773 The U.S. since 1876 OR
POSC 2103 Introduction to U.S. Government OR
GEOG 2613 Introduction to Geography OR
GEOG 2603 World Regional Geography OR
SOC 2213 Principles of Sociology OR
PSY 2013 Introduction to Psychology
XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit Hour Elective)
XXX4 CHEM 1014 General Chemistry I OR 
CHEM 1024 General Chemistry II OR 
CHEM 1034 Intro to Organic and Biochemistry OR 
CHEM 2104 Organic Chemistry I OR
CHEM 2114 Organic Chemistry II OR
ESCI 1004 Intro to Environmental Science OR
PHSC 1204 Physical Science  OR 
PHSC 1304 Earth Science OR
PHYS 1014 Applied Physics for Health Science OR
PHYS 2054 General Physics I OR
PHYS 2064 General Physics II OR
PHYS 2074 University Physics I OR
PHYS 2084 University Physics II
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XXX3 ART 2503 FA Visual OR 
MUS 2503 FA Musical OR 
THEA 2503 FA Theater OR 
THEA 2513 FA Film OR 
HUM 2003 Intro to Humanities I OR 
HUM 2013 Intro to Humanities II 
XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit Hour Elective)
XXXX  XXX3 Elective (3 Credit Hour Elective)
XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit Hour Elective)
XXXX XXX3 Elective (3 Credit Hour Elective)
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Sarah Buford

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