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Social Work
ASLAS = Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences

The goal of a social worker is to help individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to restore and enhance their capacity for social functioning. They care about their fellow citizens, want to help people improve their situations and strive to make a positive difference in people's lives. Courses in social work will familiarize students with the various roles, functions, and tasks that social workers perform in multiple settings while preparing them for transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

Related Careers

  • Social Worker 
  • Health Educator 
  • Community Health Worker 
  • Mental Health Counselor 
  • School/Career Counselor 
  • Social/Human Service Assistant 

Transfer Options

  • UALR (BSW Social Work) 


Dr. Dava Brock | Associate Professor of Psychology

Korey Davis | Instructor of Psychology & Sociology

Teddy Davis | Dean of Arts & Humanities
Associate Professor of Political Science and Geography
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