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WATCH - means that a tornado is possible.

WARNING - means that a tornado has been sighted.

SIRENS - The Beebe Police Department sounds warning sirens when a tornado has been detected in our area. In an actual warning situation, the siren will sound twice for one minute intervals. The siren system is tested each Wednesday at 12:00 noon. 

SHELTER - Upon hearing the warning siren, all campus personnel should move in a calm and orderly fashion to interior hallways and interior rooms on the lower levels of major buildings as directed in the designated tornado shelter areas list. This list is available on the ASU-Beebe website under the Student Policy/Procedure/References and in this handbook.

ALL CLEAR - The Beebe Police Department will sound the “All Clear” and notify University Police. The university community will be notified via the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert of the “All Clear.”  Classes and normal activities are to resume once notification of the "All Clear" is received.




ASU-Beebe Administrative Buildings:

Abington Library

Room 114


Women’s Restroom & Room 103

Adult Education

Rooms 102, 106 & 107

Career Pathways

Evacuate building to State Hall

Grounds Shop

HVAC Office

Human Resources

Evacuate building to the Walter D. England Center

Purchasing / Physical Plant

Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building

Ruth L. Couch Center

Rooms 102, 106 & 107

State Hall

1st Floor hallway by vending machines, 1st floor hallway by Payroll & Room 113B (Payroll)

Student Center

Room 102 (Stephens Room); internal hall behind Room 102; first floor bathrooms; hall in front of Café; kitchen as an overflow location

ASU-Beebe Academic Buildings:

Advanced Technology & Allied Health

Hallways away from doors and windows

Agriculture Technology - John Deere

Evacuate to Business & Agriculture

Business & Agriculture

Hallways away from doors and windows

Farm Classroom Building

Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building

Howell Music Center

Classroom 108

Owen Center

Rooms 143, 144 & 145 and Racquetball Courts

Science Building

1st Floor hallway away from doors and windows

University Center

East & west hallways

Veterinary Technology

Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building

Walter D. England Center

Classrooms 101, 111-115, & all restrooms

ASU-Beebe Residence Halls:

Horizon Hall

First Floor Hallways

Legacy Hall

First Floor Hallways