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Medical Emergency

Personal injury or illness

  1. Tap the person's shoulder and ask, "Are you OK?" to judge responsiveness.
  2. If responsive (answers questions and able to make rational decisions), let him/her decide on whether or not to seek emergency care.
  3. If unresponsive, call 911 and University Police.
  4. Assess the person's breathing by looking at the rising and falling of the chest.
  5. If not breathing or having difficulty breathing, position head in a slightly tilted back position and clear the mouth if needed.
  6. Assess pulse. If there is no pulse and the person is not breathing, start CPR if qualified or utilize defibrillator (AED) if available.

Laboratory Emergencies

  • Utilize procedures established by academic department. Procedures are posted in each lab.

Shop Accidents

  • Utilize procedures established by responsible department. Procedures are posted in each shop.


  • Document name of injured, time of accident/injury, cause of accident/injury, names of witnesses and other pertinent information. Turn in to University Police.

ASU-Beebe Employee Procedures

  • Should an employee become ill or injured arising out of and in the course of their employment, they are required to notify their direct supervisor.