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Explosion - Chemical Leak - Campus Evacuation

Explosion or Chemical Leak:

  • Evacuate Building – Sound Fire Alarm
  • Notify:
    • University Police: 501-882-8851 OR 501-288-3071 (mobile)
    • Beebe Police: 501-882-3365
    • Fire Department: 501-882-5600
    • Physical Plant: 501-882-4526
  • Assist persons with disabilities in evacuation. 
  • Notify department faculty for assistance with chemical leaks.  
  • Do not re-enter building until the “All Clear” has been issued by University Police or the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert. 

Campus-wide Evacuation:

  • May be ordered by off-campus authority or ranking University Police officer on duty.
  • Commuters and non-emergency staff shall use personal vehicles to go home unless in the danger zone.
  • University or local police will dispatch an officer to selected evacuation site for control and communication. Student Services will send representatives to evacuation site.
  • University Police will maintain on-campus security as long as personal safety allows.
  • The "All Clear" will be announced by University Police and the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert.