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ASU-Searcy Emergency Procedures

Emergency & Resource Numbers:

  • Ambulance: (501) 268-2323 - or Dial 911
  • Searcy Water: (501) 268-2481
  • Searcy Police: (501) 268-3531
  • White County Judge: (501) 279-6200
  • White County Sheriff: (501) 279-6231
  • Entergy: 1-800-968-8243
  • Fire Department: (501) 279-1066
  • Highway Department: (501) 268-2652
  • National Guard: (501) 268-2881
  • Reliant/Arkla Gas Co.: 1-800-844-7440
  • State Police: (870) 523-2701

ASU-Beebe has in place an alert system, called ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert, to increase the safety of our campuses. The ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert uses telephones, cellular phones, text messaging, and e-mail to notify students, faculty, and staff of the following emergency situations:

  • Tornado Warning
  • Building Evacuation
  • Campus Evacuation
  • Lockdown

General Emergency Procedures

Report Emergencies To:

  • Fire Department: (501) 279-1066
  • University Police: (501) 207-6240 OR (501) 827-8147 (mobile)
  • Searcy Police: (501) 268-3531
  • Maintenance: (501) 207-6209

When calling, stay calm and carefully explain the problem and location. Do not hang up until told to do so.

Statements to media should be made by the Public Information Office. Responses to family members should be made by the Human Resources Office for staff and by the Student Services Office for students.

Emergency Employment, Purchasing, and Contracting:

There are no provisions for suspension of state laws in an emergency. The ranking university official on the scene shall attempt to comply with laws if possible and shall maintain records where threat to life and property require extraordinary action.


Lockdown covers the situation in which there is an active shooter on campus or some other type of security threat.

Notification of the need for lockdown will be issued via ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert.  If you hear a gunshot nearby or perceive a security threat, use good judgment. You may choose to go into lockdown and follow the below recommendations.  

After receiving the notification of lockdown status:

If in a classroom or other securable area:

  • Stay in the room.
  • Immediately lock the door.
  • Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Stay as close to the floor as possible.

If in a hallway or other public area:

  • Try to get to a secure area or an area that can be locked.

If near the shooter:

  • Leave the area as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid running in a straight line.



Seek refuge in a doorway or under a desk or table.


Move away from buildings and utility poles. Avoid downed utility lines.

When shaking stops

Evacuate buildings and do not re-enter due to danger of after-shocks. Assist the handicapped and anyone who is injured. Stay away from buildings. Do not block streets as a pedestrian or with your car. Streets must remain open for emergency vehicles.


Maintenance will shut off gas and electricity.

Fire and Rescue

Maintenance and University Police are responsible for extinguishing fires and directing rescue operations.


WATCH - means that a tornado is possible.

WARNING - means that a tornado has been sighted.

SIRENS -  The Searcy Police Department sounds warning sirens when a tornado has been detected in our area. In an actual warning situation, the siren will sound twice for one minute intervals. The siren system is tested each Wednesday at noon.

SHELTER - Upon hearing the warning siren, all campus personnel should move in a calm and orderly fashion to interior hallways and interior rooms on the lower levels of major buildings as directed in the designated tornado shelter areas list. This list is available below.

ALL CLEAR - The Searcy Police Department will sound the “All Clear” and notify University Police. The university community will be notified via the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert of the “All Clear.” Classes and normal activities are to resume once notification of the “All Clear” is received.




Adult Education Metal Building

Evacuate building to Beulah Bloodworth Building interior hallways

Air Conditioning Building

Classroom 303

Auto Body Building

Classroom 403

Automotive Technology Building

Evacuate building to Main Building Classroom 208 or 206

Beulah Bloodworth Building

Interior hallways

Diesel Building

Classrooms & offices

Industrial Maintenance Building

Interior hallways

Main Building

Media Center, Computer Lab, Interior Hallways, Admissions storage room

Metal Gas Drilling Building

Evacuate building to the Auto Body Shop

Metal Learning Center Building

Evacuate building to the Auto Body Shop

New Maintenance Building


Old Maintenance Building

Evacuate building to Beulah Bloodworth Building interior hallways

Technology East

Central hallway

Technology West

Room 109 & restrooms

Welding Shop Building

Evacuate building to Technology West


Activate Fire Alarm

Alarm sounds only in building. Call 911 First. Then, University Police must be called.


  • Fire Department: (501) 279-1066
  • University Police: (501) 207-6240 OR 501-827-8147 (mobile)
  • Searcy Police: (501) 268-3531
  • Maintenance: (501) 207-6209

Minor Fire That Appears Controllable

  • Direct fire extinguisher toward base of flame.

Major Fire That Does Not Appear Controllable

  • Evacuate in accordance with building procedures.
  • Do not use elevators. Assist persons with disabilities.
  • Close but DO NOT Lock Doors.
  • Do not return to building until cleared by Fire or Police Departments.

Medical Emergency

Personal injury or illness

  1. Tap the person's shoulder and ask, "Are you OK?" to judge responsiveness.
  2. If responsive (answers questions and able to make rational decisions), let him/her decide on whether or not to seek emergency care.
  3. If unresponsive, call 911 and University Police.
  4. Assess the person's breathing by looking at the rising and falling of the chest.
  5. If not breathing or having difficulty breathing, position head in a slightly tilted back position and clear the mouth if needed.
  6. Assess pulse. If there is no pulse and the person is not breathing, start CPR if qualified or utilize defibrillator (AED) if available.

Laboratory Emergencies

  • Utilize procedures established by academic department. Procedures are posted in each lab.

Shop Accidents

  • Utilize procedures established by responsible department. Procedures are posted in each shop.


  • Document name of injured, time of accident/injury, cause of accident/injury, names of witnesses and other pertinent information. Turn in to University Police.

ASU-Beebe Employee Procedures

  • Should an employee become ill or injured arising out of and in the course of their employment, they are required to notify their direct supervisor.

Explosion - Chemical Leak - Campus Evacuation

Explosion or Chemical Leak:

  • Evacuate Building – Sound Fire Alarm
  • Notify:
    • University Police: 501-207-6240 OR 501-827-8247 (mobile)
    • Searcy Police: 501-268-3531 - or dial 911
    • Fire Department: 501-279-1066 - or dial 911
    • Maintenance: 501-207-6209 - or - (501) 281-7517
  • Assist persons with disabilities in evacuation. 
  • Notify department faculty for assistance with chemical leaks.  
  • Do not re-enter building until the “All Clear” has been issued by University Police or the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert. 

Campus-wide Evacuation:

  • May be ordered by off-campus authority or ranking University Police officer on duty.
  • Commuters and non-emergency staff shall use personal vehicles to go home unless in the danger zone.
  • University or local police will dispatch an officer to selected evacuation site for control and communication. Student Services will send representatives to evacuation site.
  • University Police will maintain on-campus security as long as personal safety allows.
  • The "All Clear" will be announced by University Police and the ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert.

Disturbance - Criminal Behavior - Bomb Threat

Physical Disturbance or Fight

  • Notify University Police.


  • Take cover or evacuate. Stay calm and make the right decision. Notify University Police or local police, if possible.


  • Make mental notes of captor's characteristics and sights and sounds if you are taken from campus. University Police will involve other law enforcement agencies as necessary.

Suspicious Object

  • Do not touch – Clear immediate area and call University Police, (501) 207-6240 or (501) 827-8147 (mobile). If there is no answer at University Police, call Searcy Police at (501) 268-3531. Refer to items below.

Bomb Threat

  • Remain Calm -- Keep Caller on the Phone.  

Ask the Caller: 

  • When is the bomb to explode?
  • Where is the bomb located?
  • What kind of a bomb is it?
  • What does it look like?


  • Age and sex of caller.
  • Speech pattern and accent.
  • Background noise.


  • FIRST: University Police: (501) 207-6240 or (501) 827-8147 (mobile)
  • IF NO ANSWER: Searcy Police: (501) 268-3531

The ranking University Police Officer on duty may order evacuation. Evacuation alarm is by use of fire alarm and/or ASU-Beebe Emergency Alert. University Police will conduct a search and announce when it is safe to return to the building. Do not re-enter the building until University Police confirm that it is safe to do so.