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University Police

Mission Statement

Portrait of J.J. Martin, Public Safety Commander

The mission of the University Police Department is to protect and serve the campus populace by enforcing University rules and regulations, federal and state laws, and to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to education and personal safety.

The University Police Department partners with the entire community to ensure that we maintain one of the safest universities in the nation. This would not be possible without a partnership with all members of the University community. We are proud of the values and commitment of the students, staff and faculty that ensures the safety and security of the University populace.

     Crime prevention is the responsibility of everyone in the University community.  It is important that all students and employees have a proactive approach to safety and security. This can be achieved by locking the doors of residence hall rooms, vehicles, and classrooms.  Do not prop doors open even for a short time.  Walk at night in well lighted areas, with friends if possible, and contact the police department to report any suspicious activity.  Together we can work to maintain one of the safest and most secure campuses in the nation, and make your stay on campus an enjoyable one.

     Once again, welcome to Arkansas State University-Beebe, and I hope you will find the tour of our web site to be informative and worth your while.

J.J. Martin H. E. Police Commander
PO Box 1000
Beebe, AR 7212
Telephone: 501.882.8851
Fax: 501.882.4416