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Proctoring at ASU-LRAFB

When will tests be proctored?

Test proctoring is scheduled approximately every 8 weeks during the normal fall and spring semesters to accommodate midterm and final exams. Testing dates are also scheduled to accommodate final exams for summer classes.

Where will tests be proctored?

Tests will be given in the LRAFB Education Center by appointment only. Call 501.988.4151 to schedule an appointment.  Students will need to specify the instructor's name, course name and what type of exam they will be taking - pencil/paper or one on the computer.

Guidelines for Testing (at all locations)

  • You MUST present a valid picture ID. Examples of valid identification are ASU-Beebe student ID cards, military ID cards, driver licenses, passports, etc. Other school ID cards and work ID’s will not be accepted.
  • You will NOT be allowed to use any outside materials during your test. We will supply scratch paper needed. You are NOT allowed to access notes or other materials within your course module or through any other source.
  • You must provide your own calculator based on your course specifications.
  • You will NOT be allowed to use cell phones or other communication devices during your exam. It is recommended you leave your cell phone at home or in your car.
  • Students caught cheating (or suspected of cheating) will be asked to leave the testing area without completing the exam and will be given an F on the exam. Instructors will be notified.
  • Testing ends promptly at the designated closing time for that location. All exams will be collected and computers will be shut down.

Summer 2016 Test Proctoring Dates


Test Type     

Testing Dates       

Testing Times        



Will not proctor these exams


Summer I


Will not proctor these exams


Term 5


July 25

8 am to 8 pm
Call 501.988.4151

Summer II


Will not proctor these exams


10 Week Term


Will not proctor these exams


Appointments REQUIRED for this location.