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Proctoring Outside of the ASU-Beebe Campuses: Guidelines and Protocols

If you live too far to travel to one of the ASU-Beebe campuses you must make arrangements for a proctor that meets the ASU-Beebe Online College Proctoring Policy ( see link below) and submit a proctor approval request form online by the posted deadline.


The student is solely responsible for securing an acceptable test proctor by the noted deadline for that particular testing period.  The deadline will always be at least a week before testing begins to ensure there is enough time for communication between the Distance Learning office, the instructor and the proctor.


ASU-Beebe requires that proctors be one of the following:

  • Faculty, administrative staff, or student services professional at a college or university
  • K-12 faculty, administration, or counseling staff
  • Duly assigned official in a military educational office
  • ProctorU (Carefully read the additional information regarding this option. There are fees associated with this service and technical requirements)


  • The proctor may not be related to the student or a friend of the student.
  • The proctor must have access to appropriate technology (a computer compatible with Blackboard, applicable software for the course, high-speed internet connection, fax, work email, office phone, etc.).
  • The proctor must have an official email address associated with their place of employment (University, K-12 School, etc.). Personal email addresses such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail , etc. will not be accepted.
  •  The exam must be administered in a professional/approved setting.

The student will be responsible for paying any institutional testing fees that may be incurred by the testing institution. The proctor should be informed that he/she will receive no compensation for proctoring services from ASU-Beebe.

Note: The proctor chosen must be approved by the Distance Learning office as well as the instructor. Satisfaction of the above guidelines does not guarantee such approval.


Student Responsibility:

  • The student should make contact with potential proctors until a suitable proctor is found (this includes scheduling an appointment with the proctor’s testing center if applicable).

  • The student then completes the online Proctor Request Form and submits it by the POSTED DEADLINE for the applicable semester/term.

  • The student then informs their instructor that they plan to test with a proctor outside of the ASU-Beebe campuses.

  • The Distance Learning office processes the form and verifies the proctor – submitting the information to the instructor as well. Proctors will be contacted the week of the established testing period.

Proctor Responsibility:

  • Receive and maintain security of course materials.

  • Verify student identification by checking official picture identification.

  • Follow directions for test administration.

  • Return the exam and materials by the noted deadline.


Failure to comply with this policy or to knowingly falsify information in regards to the guidelines and protocols will result in a failing grade for the course and could lead to further academic disciplinary action.