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Heber Springs

ASU-Heber Springs Welding

The Welding Technology program at the Heber Springs campus began in July 2004 with the construction of the first welding lab, which is now where the high school welding program is located.  The first welding shop was designed by Thomas Green with the electrical system designed by Matt Prince, who now teaches the electrical apprentice program on the Heber Springs campus. The first high school students were from Heber Springs, Greers Ferry, and Concord with a total of 39 students, along with another 15 students who took the first 10-hour general welding class. Randy Carr, who is one of the current welding instructors, was in that first class.

The news of the program sparked a lot of interest. With the development of the degree/certificate programs, enrollment doubled in a short amount of time. A second floor was added to the welding shop, making this the first welding school in Arkansas to have a two story welding shop! 

The program continued to grow and by the fall of 2007 we could no longer survive with just one welding shop, so the existing shop became the location for the high school program and a new shop was built for the college program. Our college program can now service up to 118 students enrolled in our day and evening classes while our high school program can service up to 60 students enrolled in day classes.

The first concept of our welding program was to serve the people of Cleburne County and help grow our partnerships with industry. Since the first day of operation in 2004 we have built relationships with students and industry from across the nation. Currently, we have students coming to us from all over Arkansas and surrounding states to participate in our programs.  With continued hard work and dedication from everyone involved, ASU Heber Springs Welding will carry into the future the tradition of excellence exhibited since its inception. 


Degrees and Certificates

  • Certificate of Proficiency Welding Technology

  • Technical Certificate Welding Technology

  • Associate of Applied Science Welding Technology


Heber Springs Campus Welding Locations

High School Welding Program
Room 123
John L. Latimer Skills Training Center
71 Cleburne Park Road
Heber Springs, AR 72543

The College Program
Room 111
John L. Latimer Skills Training Center
71 Cleburne Park Road
Heber Springs, AR 72543


Welding Careers

Opportunities in the welding field for both men and women are endless, and can be extremely rewarding. Because welding is widely used in construction, manufacturing, and many other industries, employers have a constant need for skilled welders.

Welding is an important part of our nation’s growth and stability. In fact, a large part of the U.S. economy is dependent on welding and that continued advances in the field help drive our national productivity and strengthen our financial stability.

There are multitudes of career options in the welding industry. Whether you enjoy working with your hands, traveling the world, inspecting and analyzing things, working with numbers, communicating or inspiring others, there is a career opportunity available in the welding industry.


Why Choose Welding?

Students are taught by a team of instructors committed to transforming lives for the better - by teaching real world skills that will equip students to set and reach high goals.  Many of the students have graduated the program to pursue a higher degree, such as Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology, or Welding Engineering.  Graduates can expect salaries from $22,600 to $126,300.00.

Our claim to fame is directly tied to the numerous awards we’ve achieved. However, the definition of awards must include successful student certification and graduation, as well as the significant number of medals, certificates, honors and awards received through competition and academic recognition.  Students and instructors from the Heber Springs Welding program have a record of 'world class' excellence. 


Welding Student Awards

  • 2014 - Top Three in American Welding Society U.S. Invitational Weld Trials - Jacob Miller 

  • 2013 – Citizenship Award – Nathan Farley  (Most Prestigious award given by ASU-Beebe)

  • 2012 – AATYC Outstanding Faculty Award – Thomas (TAG) Green

  • 2012 – AATYC Academic All-Star – Nathan Farley (The first in ASU-Heber Springs history)

  • 2011 – ASU-Jonesboro@ASU-Beebe Outstanding Graduating Senior – Aaron Carr

  • 2011 – ASU-Jonesboro degree center at ASU-Beebe Outstanding Student – Aaron Carr

  • 2009 – ASU-Heber Springs Outstanding Student – Aaron Carr

Welding Student Awards (Welding Skills Achievement)

Arkansas SkillsUSA State Competition - Welding 

  • 5 Gold Medals

  • 3 Silver Medals

  • 2 Bronze Medals

Arkansas SkillsUSA State Competition – Oxy Fuel Cutting

  • 3 Gold Medals

  • 2 Silver Medals

Arkansas SkillsUSA State Competition – Metal Fabrication

  • 3 Gold Medals

Arkansas SkillsUSA State Competition – Numerous Statesman Awards

SkillsUSA National Competition – Welding

  • 1 Silver Medal
  • Many Top 20/Top 10 Finishes

SkillsUSA World Skills Weld-Off

  • World Skills Semi-Finals 4th Place finish in 2011 at FabTech in Atlanta, Georgia  

Heber Springs campus welding students from 2004 to present have participated many times in our SkillsUSA chapter, which allowed students to compete in Arkansas SkillsUSA competitions.  At the state level, students have won 5 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, and 2 bronze medals in welding; 3 Gold medals, and 2 Silver medals in oxy-fuel cutting; and 3 Gold medals in metal fabrication.

Students have also done well at the National SkillsUSA competitions. Starting in the Top 20, they moved up to the Top 10, and finally made it to Silver – a 2nd place position.  Winning 2nd at this competition did change our lives, and the life of our program forever.  Because of this, students were invited to participate in World Skills, which is by invitation only.  Over the next two years, students trained and competed in several qualification rounds, trying to be the one student/school to represent the United States (competing against 52 other countries) to be the best welder in the world. We ultimately placed 4th in the semi-finals with only the top three places advancing to the final round. We had the opportunity of a lifetime - to become friends, train, and compete with the best welders in the world.

Recognizing opportunities, and following through with heart and dedication have led the Welding Technology program of excellence.  It shows in the success of students through academic honors, citizenship awards, and superior skills demonstration.