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Please refer to the Business Office Policies and Procedures in the Student Hand Book. Here you'll find important information about the services we provide, payment policies and student's financial obligations.

What does the Business Office do?

The Business Office and cashier windows collect most payments, such as tuition, fees, and room and board. The office also disperses financial aid refund checks and processes third-party billing and scholarships.

When are payments due?

Before the first day of class each term, students must make sure their accounts are paid in full or have signed up for the Automatic Payment Plan or have financial aid that fully covers their costs posted to their Campus Connect account. Students are individually responsible for their financial obligations.

Do you accept debit and credit cards for payment?

Yes. The Business Office/Cashier window accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover. The Automatic Payment Plan accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How can I set up a Payment Plan?

Students can enroll into the Automatic Payment Plan.

The Automatic Payment Plan is only available for the Fall, Spring, and "T" terms.

What do I do if I have Financial Aid pending, but it isn't posted to my Campus Connect account by the payment due date? Will I automatically be dropped?

Students with Financial Aid pending are not automatically dropped, but are at risk of being administratively dropped from all classes. The best choice is to start the Payment Plan to ensure not being dropped for non-payment.

If and when your Financial Aid is approved, students will be refunded any monies due to them.

Regardless of Financial Aid status, students are individually responsible for their financial obligations.

Will I be notified if I'm dropped for non-payment?

Yes. Letters are sent out via student email.

ASU-Beebe Student Google email is the official means of communication with students on all campuses.

Why are there 2 payment due dates for the Fall term?

Since registration for the Fall and T1 terms begins in March, many students enroll early but then decide not to attend due to a change in plans. If these students don't drop themselves from their classes, then this can cause some classes to appear "full" or having reached the enrollment limit. The initial Fall payment due date is intended to free up classroom space by dropping those students that have enrolled in classes but don't plan to attend. All students, however, are at risk of being dropped if they don't meet the initial payment due date. Students that have been dropped for missing the initial payment due date may re-enroll and must meet the 2nd payment due date.

How can I find out if my Financial Aid has been approved?

Students can review their Financial Aid status by logging into their student Campus Connect account.

How do I set up Direct Deposit for my refunds?

Students can sign up for Direct Deposit by logging into their student Campus Connect account.

Under Account Info, select QUIKPAY Enrollment.

Verify that you've entered your bank account and routing numbers correctly before submitting your information.

What is Campus Connect?

Campus Connect is the student's on-line connection to our campus where students can access, review, update, and request information.  All of our students have their own Campus Connect account. This is a safe and secure site and a valuable tool for our students. Log into your student Campus Connect account and get connected!