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  • Proctor Approval Request Form

    Proctoring Policy: Online students are required to take one proctored exam within each online class; usually the final exam. In some instances your instructor may require you to take two proctored exams, a midterm and a final. The purpose in requiring proctored exams is to authenticate your identity as the student enrolled in the class and to ensure you are the student who has been participating in the course activities.

    Complete Proctoring Policy - READ THIS POLICY FIRST!

    It is the student's responsibility to find a proctor that meets the proctoring guidelines and to submit the necessary paperwork by the posted deadlines. Satisfaction of the proctor guidelines does not guarantee approval as the Distance Learning office and/or instructor have the final approval.

    If using ProctorU read these requirements for submitting the form below.

    WARNING - Failure to comply with this policy or to knowingly falsify information in regards to the guidelines and protocols will result in a failing grade for the course and could lead to further academic disciplinary action.

    Summer 2017 Proctor Request Deadlines

    Summer I Finals: June 21
    Summer 8-Week Finals: July 17
    Summer 10-Week Midterm: June 21
    Summer 10-Week Finals: July 28
    Summer 2 Finals: July 28

    Fall 2017 Proctor Request Deadlines

    Fall Midterms: October 2
    Fall-Term 1 Finals: October 2
    Fall Finals: December 4
    Fall-Term 2 Finals: December 4

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  • Proctoring Agreement:

  • By submitting this form I am stating that I understand the ASU-Beebe Proctoring Policy and agree to abide by the guidelines and protocols. Additionally, I verify that I am not related to or friends with the requested proctor.

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