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New Vanguard Portal Coming January 3rd! read more here!


As we move to the new Vanguard Portal, we are making final preparations before it's release date on January 3rd to ensure user's experiences are positive and that the new service exceeds your expectations. We will continue to allow Campus Connect users to access the system, but in a read only mode. This means that if you need advising help, registration assistance or anything that requires new information to be added and/or updated into the system, you will need to login to the new Vanguard portal once it is released or contact the appropriate ASU-Beebe department.
Once the Vanguard Portal is released you will access it with your email address and your email password, for instance if your name is Jane Doe your email address should be jane.doe@smail.asub.edu and your password, by default, is the standard First Initial FirstName (uppercase) + First Initial LastName (lowercase) + 8 digit birthday (MMDDYYYY).
Student Login Example: 
  • Username = jane.doe
  • Default Password = JdMMDDYYYY
  • Format: First Initial (UPPER-CASE), Last Initial (lower-case), your 8 digit birthdate.

Faculty/Staff Login:

Faculty and Staff users should be able to use their same credentials as they do for their email accounts.

Campus Connect - READ ONLY Access