"Transforming Lives Through Quality Learning Experiences"


University Syllabus

ASU-Beebe, Heber Springs, Searcy, & LRAFB


University Mission

Transforming lives through quality learning experiences

University Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Diversity & Global Awareness
  • Excellence
  • Access
  • Student Centered

Learning Objectives/Course Outline

  • Institutional Learning Outcomes:

ASU-Beebe is committed to providing students with a broad-based educational experience and focuses, through general education coursework, on five essential learning outcomes:  Communication, Critical Thinking, Mathematical Concepts and Application, Scientific Inquiry and Methodology, Society and Self.  The learning objectives of all courses are linked to these institutional learning outcomes to ensure that outcomes of individual courses are consistent with the university’s institutional goals.  These institutional essential learning outcomes can be viewed at www.asub.edu

Academic Honesty Policy:  Dishonesty in any form--including plagiarism, turning in assignments prepared by others, and cheating on exams -- is not acceptable within the ASU-Beebe system.  Please see Instructor syllabus for Academic Honesty policies specific to your course.

Credit Hour Policy: ASU-Beebe defines credit hour according to the federal standard. The credit hour value of a traditional course is calculated as follows: A clock hour of instructional time is the equivalent of 50 minutes of class time or 60 minutes of independent-study work; and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class work is expected for every hour (50 minutes) of instructional time.

For every course credit hour, the typical student should expect to spend at least three clock hours per week of concentrated attention on course-related work, including but not limited to time attending class, as well as out-of-class time spent reading, reviewing, organizing notes, preparing for upcoming quizzes/ exams, problem solving, developing and completing projects, and other activities that enhance learning.  Thus, for a three hour course, a typical student should expect to spend at least nine hours per week dedicated to the course.

Official University Communications:  ASU-Beebe student email is the official means of communication with students on all campuses.  Important university-related information will be sent to individual ASU-Beebe student email accounts.  Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with university communications.  Types of communication include, but are not limited to, financial aid information, bills, payment deadlines, and inclement weather closings.  The ASU-Beebe student email system can be accessed at www.google.com/a/smail.asub.edu

Title IX and Sexual Discrimination:  Title IX states that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

Arkansas State University-Beebe is committed to providing an educational and work environment, for its students, faculty, and staff, that is free from sexual discrimination including: sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence.  No form of sexual discrimination will be tolerated.  All forms of sexual discrimination will be investigated with prompt steps taken to end the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address the effects.

The health, safety, and well-being of the public and members of the University community are the primary concern of ASU-Beebe. If you or someone you know may be a victim of any form of sexual discrimination, you are strongly encouraged to seek immediate assistance by contacting the Title IX Coordinator at titleix@asub.edu.  For additional information, please refer to http://www.asub.edu/title-IX.

Accommodation Statement:  It is the policy of ASU-Beebe to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal law and state law.  Any student with a disability, who would like to request accommodations, should contact Tisha Marzewski, Counselor/Coordinator of Disability Services at tlmarzewski@asub.edu or 501.882.8863 at the ASU-Beebe campus. 

Students requesting accommodations on the ASU-Heber Springs campus may also contact Tim Abbott tpabbott@hebersprings.asub.edu or 501.362.1225. Documentation review and accommodations for all ASU-Beebe system students with disabilities are authorized by the Counselor/Coordinator of Disability Services.

Academic/Technical Support:

Technical support:

  • BLACKBOARD HELP DESK – 501.882.4409 or BbHelpDesk@asub.edu
  • The HELP DESK is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • The HELP DESK is closed on holidays and when classes are not in session.  In the event of inclement weather the HELP DESK will be closed if the Beebe campus is closed.

Academic support

Advanced Technology/Allied Health Director, Dr. Keith McClanahan – 501.882.8811 or mkmcclanahan@asub.edu.

Business/Agriculture Division Chair, Mr. Robert Mitchum – 501.882.8847 or rlmitchum@asub.edu.

Education/Social Sciences Division Chair, Ms. Teddy Davis – 501.882.8873 or tldavis@asub.edu.

English/Fine Arts Division Chair, Dr. Dennis Humphrey – 501.882.4406 or djhumphrey@asub.edu.  

Math/Science Division Chair, Dr. Richard Counts – 501.882.8804 or wrcounts@asub.edu.

Occupational Technology Director, Mr. Carroll Moody – 501.207.6206 or cmoody@searcy.asub.edu.

Distance Learning Director, Ms. Rhonda Durham - 501-882-4442 or rsdurham@asub.edu.

LRAFB Director, Ms. Nancy Shefflette – 501.882.4581 or nashefflette@asub.edu.  

Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Dr. Kalthoff - 501-882-8830 or tjkalthoff@asub.edu.

Additional Services Available to Students:

The Learning Center on the ASU-Beebe Campus

McKay Student Center, Room 200

Fall/Spring Hours:            Mon - Thurs 8:00 am -8:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am -5:00 pm
Summer/Breaks:   Mon - Fri 8:00 am -5:00 pm

The Learning Center provides academic support to all ASU-Beebe students.  Tutoring and other services are free and no appointments are necessary.  Students in every department – from developmental through advanced courses – are encouraged to utilize these services. Drop in for tutoring or to utilize the open computer lab.  Check the Web site for tutor schedules, links to test practice (Compass, Praxis, etc.) and other useful information. Students who are unable come to campus may access online tutoring through Blackboard.

ASU-Heber Springs Learning Center

Student Services and Administrative Building (SSA), 2nd floor

Fall/Spring Hours:            Mon - Thurs 8:00 am -8:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am -3:00 pm
Summer/Breaks:   Mon – Thurs 7:30 am -4:30 pm, Friday 7:30 am -3:00 pm

The ASU-Heber Springs Learning Center provides academic support to all Arkansas State University-Heber Springs students.  All services are free, including access to the open computer lab.  Appointments are not necessary.  Students in every department—from developmental through advanced courses—are encouraged to utilize these services.  Links to test practice are available on the website and tutor schedules, resource materials, and other additional materials are available in the Learning Center. 

Abington Library

Abington Library houses and provides access to materials in support of the ASU-Beebe curriculum.  It includes over 75,000 print books, 65,000 eBooks (including downloadable titles for eReaders), 4000 audio/visual items, and active print subscriptions to approximately 120 periodicals.  In addition, we provide access to over 30,000 eJournal titles through approximately 50 online databases from our library website http://www.asub.edu/library/. 

On-campus access is provided at ASU-Beebe, ASU-Searcy, ASU-Heber Springs, and the Little Rock Air Force Base Degree Center.  Off-campus access is also available by using the ASU Beebe ID number and six-digit birthdate.  Please contact the Library at 501.882.8959 or email at circ@asub.edu if you are unable to access the online databases. 

Library services include building tours, on-site and off-campus research assistance, interlibrary loan, subject specific class instruction, and participation in ARKLink reciprocal borrowing agreement.  Information is also available by calling 501.882.8976 or emailing circ@asub.edu.   Computers, printers, and wireless access are available.  Group Study Rooms are also available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Students and faculty at the Heber Springs campus may request library materials from the Beebe campus library through the Heber Springs Learning Center.  Searcy students and faculty may request materials from the Beebe campus library by filling out a request form.  The materials are usually delivered to other campuses through the ASU-Beebe courier service.  Students at Little Rock Air Force Base may use the on-base library.  A student’s military identification card or Base Education Center student identification card is used for library access.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides academic support to qualified students.  One-on-one tutoring services are free with or without an appointment. Subjects tutored include math through College Algebra, English and other subjects as available. SSS also offers various workshops, cultural activities, and transfer trips. Please go to the campus locations listed below to pick up an application.  Additional useful information about the program can be found on the ASU-Beebe website by going to the A-Z menu and clicking on Student Support Services.  The application for services may be accessed through this link as well.

ASU-Beebe Campus
State Hall, Room 125B or Room 136
Phone:  501.882.8964 or 501.882.4456
Email:  kmdollar@asub.edu  or cbkuchel@asub.edu

ASU-Heber Springs Campus
Academic Center, Suite 230
Phone: 501.362.1232
Email: jharter@hebersprings.asub.edu


Hours: Mon. – Fri., Fall/Spring/Summer I and II - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm   

Revision Date:  Fall 2014 (originated Fall 2013)


ASU-Beebe, ASU-Heber Springs, ASU-Searcy,

Emergency Preparedness Procedures & Tornado Shelter Areas
(last revised Jan 2014)


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOR STUDENTS:    Please read and become familiar with the following information.  It may enhance your safety in the case of an emergency.


  1.  ASU-Beebe has an Emergency Alert System that is designed to send voice, text, and     e-mail messages that notify users of the following emergency situations:

    1. Tornado Warnings

    2. Building Evacuation

    3. Campus Evacuation

    4. Lockdown (Lockdown covers the type of situation where there is a threat of violence, such as an active shooter). 

  2. You are automatically enrolled in the Emergency Alert database upon enrollment. ASU-Beebe strongly recommends your participation in order to increase your personal safety.

  3. If you wish to opt out of the program, you may do so by accessing your demographic data in Campus Connect and removing your phone number from the database. Please be advised that you will still receive official messages via e-mail. Further, removal of your contact information may hamper your receipt of important messages in a timely manner.

  4. During a tornado warning,

    1. Calmly go to the nearest tornado shelter area. 

    2. You will be notified by Alert Xpress or Campus Police when an “all clear” has been declared. 

  5. During a building evacuation,

    1. Calmly go to outside open areas away from buildings and vehicles. 

    2. You will be notified by Alert Xpress or Campus Police when you may return to the building. 

  6.  During a campus evacuation,

    1. Calmly leave the campus.

    2. You will be notified by Alert Xpress or Campus Police when you may return to campus. 

  7.  During a lockdown situation,

    1. If in a classroom or other securable area:

      • Stay in the room. 

      • Immediately lock the door.

      • Stay away from doors and windows. 

    2. If in the hallway or other public area: 

  • Try to get to a secure area or an area that can be locked.

    1. If near the shooter:

      • Leave the area as quickly as possible. 

      • Avoid running in a straight line.  (A zig-zag pattern is usually preferable).




ASU-Beebe Administrative Buildings:
Abington Library Room 114
Admissions Women's Restroom & Room 103
Adult Education Rooms 102, 106 & 107
Career Pathways Evacuate building to State Hall.
Grounds Shop HVAC Office
Human Resources Evacuate building to the Walter D. England Center.
Purchasing / Physical Plant Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building.
Ruth L. Couch Center Rooms 102, 106 & 107
State Hall 1st Floor hallway by vending machines, 1st floor hallway by
Payroll & Room 113B (Payroll)
McKay Student Center Room 102 (Stephens Room); internal hall behind Room 102; first
floor bathrooms; hall in front of Café; kitchen as an overflow location.
ASU-Beebe Academic Buildings:
Advanced Technology & Allied Health Hallways away from doors and windows
Agriculture Technology - John Deere Evacuate to Business & Agriculture.
Business & Agriculture Hallways away from doors and windows
Farm Classroom Building Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building.
Howell Music Center Classroom 108
Owen Center Rooms 143, 144 & 145 and Racquetball Courts
Science Building 1st Floor hallway away from doors and windows
University Center East & west hallways
Veterinary Technology Evacuate building and seek shelter in a secure building.
Walter D. England Center Classrooms 101, 111-115, & all restrooms.
ASU-Beebe Residence Halls:
Horizon Hall First Floor Hallways
Legacy Hall First Floor Hallways
ASU-Heber Springs:
Academic Building Rooms 150, 152 & 154
Administrative Building Room 124 (Entergy Room)
Latimer Center Faculty Break Room (North End); Restrooms (South End)
Air Conditioning Building Classroom 303
Auto Body Building Classroom 403
Automotive Technology Building Evacuate building to Main Building Classroom 208 or 206
Beulah Bloodworth Building Interior hallways
Diesel Building Classrooms & offices
Industrial Maintenance Building Interior hallways
Main Building Media Center, Computer Lab, Interior Hallways, & the
storage room in Admissions
Metal Gas Drilling Building Evacuate building to the Auto Body Shop.
Metal Learning Center Building Evacuate building to the Auto Body Shop.
New Maintenance Building Office
Old Maintenance Building Evacuate building to Beulah Bloodworth Building interior
Technology East Central hallway
Technology West Room 109 & restrooms
Welding Shop Building Evacuate building to Technology West.