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Classroom Make-Up Exam

Classroom Make-Up Exam Policies & Procedures

ASU-Beebe Testing Center will offer test proctoring for faculty members (on the Beebe Campus ONLY) to students who miss a classroom exam due to a university excused absence. No online exams will be given. No midterm or final exams will be given. No scoring or item analysis is available with this service. All transportation of test materials will be the responsibility of the instructor (or their designee).

  • The Testing Coordinator cannot provide accommodations for an entire class. Groups larger than 5 need to be handled by the instructor.
  • Faculty members or their designees are responsible for submitting materials to the Testing Center either in person or via campus mail. A completed copy of the classroom make-up exam form must accompany every exam. The exam and form must be received in the Testing Center 48 hours prior to the student's appointment time. No exams should be emailed to the Testing Coordinator.
  • The Testing Coordinator will not copy exams or other testing materials. If instructors have several individuals needing the same exam, multiple exams/materials must accompany the classroom make-up exam form.
  • It is the student's responsibility to schedule their exam time with the Testing Coordinator. Walk-ins will be based on availability of resources and space.
  • Photo ID and a signature will be required prior to releasing any exam to the instructor or authorized individual picking up testing materials. Examinees will not be allowed to drop off or remove testing materials from the Testing Center.
  • Instructors or their designee may pick up completed exams or have them returned via campus mail; however, the Testing Center Staff will not be responsible for damage, loss, or stolen exams that are returned via campus mail.
  • Students who need accommodations for testing due to professionally diagnosed and documented disabilities must contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at (501) 882-8906.
  • In the event of inclement weather, such as snow, freezing rain, or sleet that may make travel on roads hazardous, examinees are advised to check the ASU-Beebe website at www.asub.edu, or tune in to the following media stations for early notifications: Searcy's KWCK (99.9), KSMD (99.1), or KEAZ (100.7); Batesville's KWOZ (103.3); and TV Channels 4, 7, or 11.