Academic Advising

Academic advising in the Student Success Center is a shared responsibility between the student and the advisor. The purpose of advising here is to assist those students who have not decided on a major. Referred to as "undecided" students, assistance is needed with exploring career options, declaring a major and developing an educational plan that is consistent with their personal, professional and lifelong goals.

Because ASU-Beebe is a two-year college, "undecided" students are expected to declare to a degree program within one semester if they are receiving financial aid.

Students will meet with an academic advisor upon enrollment to the university for assistance with general academic concerns, reading and understanding the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree plan, selecting their courses, and using Campus Connect to register for courses.

Students should immediately make contact with Career Services for assistance with selecting career or vocational choices consistent with their goals, academic interests, abilities and values.

Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor early and often to develop a relationship, get help or advice, and assistance with being successful. Advisors in the Student Success Center are friendly and eager to help students succeed.

Advising Resources: What students should discuss with their academic advisors during the first semester.

  • Advising Syllabus
  • Associate of Arts Degree Plan
  • Advising Notes

Jason Henry. M.Ed.
Coordinator of Academic Advising
(501) 882-8906

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