"Transforming Lives Through Quality Learning Experiences"


Accommodations and Services


The Office of Disability Services provides a variety of accommodations and services to qualified students to create equal access where barriers may exist.


Reasonable Academic and Non-academic Accommodations:
Such as classroom and testing accommodations


Alternative Format for Educational Materials:
Such as Braille, large print or audio format


Support Personnel:
Such as interpreters, readers, writers and note-takers


Assistive Technology:
Such as screen readers, FM systems, and adaptive equipment


Referrals to Campus and Community Resources:
Such as campus resources (Learning Center, Student Support Services, and Career Pathways) and community resources (Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, Division of Services for the Blind, and Spinal Cord Commission).


Such as faculty and staff across all campuses.


Advocacy and Study Skills Guidance:
Such as techniques for time management and study skills.


Outreach Programming:
Such as campus pre-session meetings, speaking engagements at academic department meetings, and presentations for local high schools transition workshops.