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How to Request Accommodations:


STEP 1: Provide Information of Disability and Set Up Appointment
Student provides documentation information of the disability he/she self identifies as having and sets up appointment with the Coordinator of Disability Services. The coordinator can meet with students at any of the campuses.

STEP 2: Accommodation Review
Student and the coordinator will discuss disability-related needs and what barriers may exist. Student should have class schedule to fully identify barriers and needs. A plan will be developed to identify accommodations to be used for equal access to programs and services at the university.

STEP 3: Accommodation Notices
Student receives Accommodation Notice with list of approved accommodations for the semester.

STEP 4: Deliver Accommodation Notice to Instructors
Student takes Accommodation Notice and gives to each instructor and discusses the provisions of each accommodation. Student should deliver the notices during the first week of classes.


STEP 1: Complete and turn in the Accommodation Request Packet for Continuing Students.
Packets are available at the Office of Disability Services and by emailing the Coordinator of Disability Services.


Contact the Office of Disability Services to set up an appointment if changes need to be addressed.

STEP 2: Pick up the Accommodation Notices at the Office of Disability Services.
Notices will be available the first week of classes. Students are responsible for delivering the notices to each of his/her instructors. Students can also pick up any equipment to check out for the semester or alternative format materials for the semester.

STEP 3: Deliver Accommodation Notices to Instructors
Give the Accommodation Notice to the instructor and discuss each accommodation as it relates to the class.

STEP 4: Maintain contact with the Office of Disability Services
Be sure to let the office know if there are any issues with a class or the use of accommodations as they arise. Do not wait until the end of the semester.