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Job Search

Did you know that some of the best jobs out there are not even advertised?  Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor today to create a strategic plan allowing you to target positions that fit you best using a variety of job search techniques.  Don't go it alone; we're here to help!  Check out our Job Search Checklist for more information and look below for quick tips.

Tip #1: Focus

Identify the type of job you are seeking and focus your energy on compiling a list of employers who hire individuals for that purpose. Career ConnectDiscover Arkansas, ONET Online, and Arkansas JobLink are great resources for this information!

Tip #2: Strategize

Use a wide variety of job search methods. Often times, job seekers focus on one particular strategy, such as reviewing the help-wanted ads. One of the keys to a job seeker's success is to create a comprehensive approach to the process and utilize all viable options including help-wanted ads, internet job sites, networking, career fairs, and many others.

Tip #3: Network

Search for answers; learn what others in your field did to be successful in their job searches. Talk with your department faculty, fellow students, members of student organizations, alumni, and conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field.

Tip #4: Hone Your Skills

Expect to be judged and evaluated on all your actions in a job search: phone etiquette, e-mail correspondence, cover letter and resume, online presence, interviewing skills, handshake, dining etiquette, and more. Practice these skills before you start contacting employers.

Tip #5: Start Early

Employers often start many months in advance to fill their open positions. Job seekers must be mindful of this process and refrain from waiting until the last minute to begin their search. If not, you might find that you’ve missed out on some valuable opportunities. Check out NACE's Playing Fair: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker.

Tip #6: Expect to Work Hard

A job search is hard work. Your motivation and attitude are the keys to your success. Maintain a positive outlook and treat the job search as though it were your job. Create a schedule including all of your identified job search tasks for each day (making phone calls, uploading resumes, meeting with contacts, etc.) and stick to it.

Documents in alternative format available upon request by contacting the Student Success Center at 501-882-8906