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Experiential Learning

Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a conversation with someone who can give you advice about an organization, field of work or a particular job that interests you. Your interviewee may be someone you already know like a supervisor, family friend or coworker, or it may be with a stranger.

Though it may seem awkward to approach someone you have never met, seeking career information is a very valuable job search tool. Remember, most people are more than happy to discuss what they do for a living. Through your genuine interest in their job and career fields, you can get your questions answered.  

Job Shadow

Job shadowing is a critical but often overlooked element of career development that provides you with the unique opportunity to learn about the careers that interest you firsthand from professionals who do them every day. Shadowing opportunities, which may exist at half-day, full-day and longer lengths, are a great way to build your network and gain an insider's perspective of the jobs that interest you most.


Volunteering, much like job shadowing or pursuing an internship, is a great way to gain experience, build your resume and create a professional network--all while giving back to your community, school or cause of your choice. Find volunteer and unpaid internship opportunities at websites including Serve.gov, Do Something!, Idealist.org, and Volunteer Match.


An internship can be the first real-world experience you’ve had with your possible career path. Typically a semester or longer, an internship provides you with critical professional experience--before you graduate! An internship can:

  • Provide insight into the skills, duties and career opportunities associated with your major or desired field
  • Confirm or negate your major choice
  • Introduce you to networking contacts within your field
  • Help you secure a full-time position upon graduating

For assistance in experiential learning opportunities, please contact the Student Success Center at (501) 882-8906 and schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor.

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