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Career Planning

Multiple career assessments are available for student use and appointments are available to meet with a Career Counselor to interpret student results and explore possible career paths. Students interested in taking an assessment to help determine their major or career goals should contact the Student Success Center for further guidance. Some assessment options are listed below for review. Check out our Career Planning Tip Sheet for more information!

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Make Your Career a Plan: A Workbook

“Who am I and how do I fit in the world of work?”

Finding a vocational “fit” can be a lengthy process involving lots of trial and error. A little research and careful consideration early on in your college experience could help you get some needed focus, saving you time and money so that you more quickly reach an employment goal.

The Make a Plan (MAP)! workbook will guide you in answering some key questions and in setting realistic and satisfying education and career goals.

Print off the MAKE A PLAN! workbook PDF.

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O*Net Interest Profiler

If you’re really not sure what kind of career you want you can take an interest profile such as the O*NET Interest Profiler. It will ask you questions that will help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to a career.

Visit the O*Net Interest Profiler site - http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip

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O*Net Online-Browse by Industry

If you have an idea of what career field that you want to work in, you can browse careers by industry.

Visit the O*Net Industry site - http://www.onetonline.org/find/industry

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College Measures Website

If you would like an idea of potential salaries in the state of Arkansas, you can access salary information for degrees offered at ASU-Beebe.

Visit the College Measures website - http://esm.collegemeasures.org/esm/arkansas/school/profile/Arkansas-State-University-Beebe-(AR)

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Kuder Journey

Kuder's career assessments measure interests, skills, and work values.  It takes 20 minutes or less to complete all three, and results can be mapped to either the six Holland codes or the sixteen national career clusters.  Students are able to view their results online, conduct research regarding occupations of interest, and search majors, along with schools that offer those majors, empowering students to reach their goals.

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Jung Typology Test

The Jung Typology Test makes psychological (personality) types understandable and useful. It helps you determine how to best interact with others; the kind of information you naturally notice and remember; whether you make decisions impersonally based on logic and fact or by using personal values and feelings; and your preference for spontaneity or structure in life. Once you complete the assessment, contact the Student Success Center with your four-letter code and receive additional information.

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Self-Directed Search

The Self-Directed Search was developed by John Holland, whose theory states that most people can be loosely categorized into six types including Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising, and Conventional and that occupations and work environments can also be classified by these categories. According to Holland, people who choose careers that match their own type are most likely to be both satisfied and successful.  The SDS can help you understand more about yourself and how your individual skills and interests are related to your career choice.  Taking the Self-Directed Search will determine your three-letter Holland code to help you find the careers that best match your interests and abilities.  Contact the Student Success Center for access to the assessment at (501) 882-8906.

Documents in alternative format available upon request by contacting the Student Success Center at 501-882-8906