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Repetition of Courses Policy

A student may repeat a course to change the original grade. The LAST grade earned will become the official grade and will be used to calculate the cumulative grade point average (GPA) - even if the last grade earned is lower than the original attempt.

Students who choose to repeat courses should know:

• Students must repeat the exact course to have the latest attempt replace the first attempt

• All courses attempted will remain on the transcript.

• Previous attempts are indicated on the transcript by a # beside the letter grade with credit hours appearing in parentheses: [D# (3.00)]; an asterisk appears beside the last attempt [A*].

• Courses will only count toward graduation requirements once, even if both attempts are successful

• Adjustments to the cumulative GPA are not made for courses transferred from other institutions because no grade points are assigned to transfer credits

• Grades of "W," "I," or "AU" will not replace the original grade

• Developmental courses are not included in the Repetition of Courses policy