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Credit by Examination

Credit by examination allows students, who already possess a college level understanding of general education subjects, to more quickly earn a degree or certificate. Therefore ASU-Beebe will award credit by examination to students who meet the following criteria:

1. Examinee is a current ASU-Beebe student.

2. Student provides an Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, or Dantes/ DSST transcript, which lists a minimum credit bearing score for an exam title that appears on one of the corresponding exam tables printed below.

3. Student has not completed - regardless of grade (I, W, F, AU) - an equivalent, or more advanced course at ASU-Beebe or another accredited institution.

4. AP, CLEP, Dantes/DSST scores are not more than 3 years old.

5. Student secured the AP, CLEP, or Dantes/DSST score prior to earning 60 traditional credit hours or 30 non-traditional credit hours.
Credit will be posted to the student's transcript without grades or grade points after the student completes one semester at ASU-Beebe. If a student is enrolled in the corresponding course for which he or she will receive credit, the student is responsible for either officially dropping the course to receive credit by exam or continuing in the course until it is completed and receive no credit by exam.
NOTE: Credit hours earned through credit by examination are included in the total maximum hours of Non-Traditional credit (30 for Associate degrees). Technical Certificates can earn/use up to one half the required credits for the certificate. Certificates of Proficiency can earn/use up to one half of the required credits and must complete two courses at ASU-Beebe.

  • Advanced Placement
  • CLEP

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