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Study Skills

Organize your time and materials

  • Read your syllabi and create a master calendar of due dates and tests for the semester
  • Schedule study time for each class; a good rule is two hours for each hour you are in class
  • Use the resources available with your textbook; take time to locate the Introduction, Chapter Summary, Review Questions, Vocabulary Lists, Appendix, Glossary and Index

Read with a purpose

  • Know your objective
  • Write outlines of the material, making note of key concepts
  • Read all the material in the lesson; make use of headings, diagrams, and charts
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Use SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

Prepare for tests early

  • Review your notes and textbook often
  • Study with a friend or join a study group
  • Consider using flash cards for quick reviews
  • Know your learning style and adopt study techniques

Use available resources

  • The Learning Center's "Section Menu" provides links to resources for test taking, study skills, and more.
  • Online databases are available at the Abington Library
  • Many textbooks have online resources for extra practice
  • Ask for help! Free drop-in tutoring is available in the Learning Center