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Early Intervention

What is Early Intervention? 

The Learning Center's Online Early Intervention is a system that allows faculty members to refer students for academic support.  If you are referred for early intervention, your instructor feels you could benefit from additional academic support from the Learning Center in the form of tutoring or study strategies.

What happens after I am referred? 

You will receive a phone call, email or letter from a member of the Learning Center staff.  Learning Center staff members will discuss tutoring options with you and/or assist you with study strategies.

Why is Early Intervention important? 

Students who seek assistance early in the semester are more likely to be successful.  Sometimes all a student needs is a few tutoring sessions or help with study strategies.  Early Intervention is not designed to be punitive or judgmental.

Attention Faculty: The Early Intervention Referral Form is located under Faculty Resources through the intranet.