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Financial Aid

Work Study

Federal work study is one way to help you meet your financial obligations while attending college.  It also provides solid work experience to help enhance your resume.  You must complete the following steps to apply for work study at ASU-Beebe.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Meet the ASU-Beebe Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
  3. Read, sign, and adhere to the ASU-Beebe Federal Work Study Assignment (to be completed during hiring process).


Steps to determine eligibility:

  1. Verify with Financial Aid that you qualify
  2. Visit with above department(s) you are interested in working for
  3. If department wishes to hire you, they must send an email to Lakita Watson to generate a job contract
  4. Job contract will be sent to supervisor for completion by student and supervisor
  5. Financial Aid will send completed job contract to Human Resources (HR)
  6. Human Resources will review job contract and will determine if student must do any required orientation
  7. If any orientation is required, HR will contact student to come in for orientation on a Monday or Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. or a Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  8. Once orientation is complete, HR will send release to begin work to the supervisor

Do NOT begin working without release from Human Resources

Federal Work Study FAQs:

Q.  How do I apply for federal work study?
The Federal Work Study program is for students with financial need. Students must have the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file with the Office of Financial Aid. Once the application has been processed, the student must contact ASU-Beebe Financial Aid at (501) 882-8845 to determine eligibility status.

Q.  How do I find a work study position?
A list of departments allotted Federal Work Study positions is maintained by ASU-Beebe Financial Aid.   Once you have determined you are eligible, you may view open positions on the Financial Aid bulletin board or via the webpage.  

Q. How do I get hired?
You must visit with departments that have openings and are requested for hire by that department.

Q.  How many hours per week can I work?
Based upon a student's eligibility, a student may be able to work from 5 hours (minimum) to 20 hours (maximum) per week. This also depends upon the work study positions available. Students must maintain a minimum of 3 hours enrollment during the summer and 6 hours enrollment during the fall and spring semesters.

Q.  How will I be paid?
A student is paid for the hours worked on the 15th of each month and the last day of each month.

Federal Work Study: Information

Federal work study funds are earned.

Your funds are paid with the regular payroll based on the number of hours you and your supervisor certify that you worked during the pay period (remember that you cannot work over the number of hours for which you are eligible).  In order to receive your Federal Work Study funds, you must work - work study is just like any other job, you must perform the duties assigned to you in order to earn your pay.

Federal Work Study positions are not guaranteed.

There may be more students eligible for Federal Work Study positions than there are positions available.  Financial Aid will make every effort to assist a student in locating a position but the final decision is made by the individual supervisors.

It may be helpful to talk to your teachers and advisor.

Teachers and advisors might be interested in hiring you for a position in their department (if the department has been approved for a position through the Federal Work Study program).

What happens if I am hired by a department?

A Federal Work Study Assignment form and a Steps for Hiring form are sent to the department supervisor to be completed by the student and the supervisor and both forms must be returned to the Financial Aid office. Both forms will then be sent to the Human Resources office to determine required paperwork and orientation for employment. Make sure you give a working phone number and/or email address that you can be reached for setting up your meeting with Human Resources.

What if this is my first job with ASU-Beebe?

Once your Federal Work Study Assignment form and your Steps for Hiring form have been returned and submitted to Human Resources, you will receive contact from Human Resources to schedule your orientation which is required for hiring.

Currently the Human Resources orientation hours for work study students are Mondays at 2 p.m. and Tuesday or Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Upon completion of this process with Human Resources, the Steps for Hiring form will be completed by Human Resources and sent to your Federal Work Study supervisor. This will clear the student to begin work. Do NOT begin working until your supervisor has received clearance from Human Resources.