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Financial Aid


Remember, you must have completed the admissions process and been accepted to an ASU-Beebe campus to be considered for scholarships!!  We begin awarding academic scholarships in mid-December!

Don't delay!!! Deadline to apply for an Academic scholarship is April 1st, and scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds.

Academic Scholarships

ASU-Beebe is proud to offer scholarships to qualified students. Complete details on application procedures and requirements are on the applications.

All ASU-Beebe scholarships are awarded based upon the availability of funds ASU-Beebe scholarships are administered according to University guidelines and awarded only to students who been admitted to the college. See the ASU-Beebe Scholarships listing above for specific requirements and application deadlines.

Renewal Requirements:

Please refer to the complete list of ASU-Beebe Scholarships for specific renewal requirements for each scholarship. Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 due to concurrent classes taken while in high school, may be eligible for a one-time grace semester. Students must have successfully completed their first college semester with a minimum of 12 credit hours and 3.0 semester grade point average (GPA). Only the cumulative GPA will be considered for scholarship renewal for all subsequent semesters.

Academic Scholarship Hold/Delay Request:

We can hold your academic scholarship for up to one academic year.  If you need to place your scholarship on hold please e-mail pkcarson@asub.edu.