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Financial Aid


An appeal is a process by which a student who is not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may petition for reconsideration of eligibility for Title IV Federal Aid.

Students may appeal for undue hardship, death of a relative, injury or illness, loss of hours due to transfer or change of major, work related or other extenuating circumstances. Appeals are allowed only once for situations bolded above. All appeals are determined by the Appeals Committee and the decision of the committee is final.

Students must submit the following: 

  • Appeal Cover Page; a typed explanation explaining in detail why they are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress and the category not being met (CGPA; 67%; 150%); including an explanation of what has changed that will allow the student to now be successful. Students are encouraged to attach supporting documentation as appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis solely on what is submitted.

If a student is able to regain eligibility within one semester, and the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on Probation status in which aid will be awarded for one semester and eligibility will be reviewed again at the end of the semester to determine continued eligibility.

A student may appeal once in any given semester.

Submission of Appeals

Students must submit appeals by 5pm on the first Thursday of each month. Appeals are approved for the upcoming semester or term only. Please review the Appeal Deadlines for the semesters and terms.



Students will be notified of their appeal’s decision via email supplied by the student on the Appeal Cover Page. If a current student, the email used should be their ASU-Beebe GMAIL account.
Results will not be given over the phone and are normally sent with 48 hours after the committee has met. The Appeal Committee normally meets the second Thursday of each month. The decision of the appeals committee is final.

If an appeal is approved, the student will be placed on one of the following plans depending on the category of appeal:

  • Qualitative (CGPA) or Quantitative (67%) student will be required to meet with their campus assigned Student Success Academy (SSA). The student will be contacted by the SSA office to set up an appointment. If the student fails to comply with SSA requirements, their probation status will be void and the student will not be eligible for aid until they are back into Federal SAP policy. If student meets SAP at time of review, aid will be awarded based on eligibility.

  • Time Frame (150%) student will be required to meet with their campus designated Advisor to determine that all courses required to complete the degree appealed are on the degree audit. This degree audit must be signed by the student and the advisor and submitted to the Financial Aid Office before aid will be awarded. The student can only enroll in courses required for completion of their degree per the signed degree audit.  Enrolling in additional courses will cause your Federal Title IV aid to be cancelled.